Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (Download Review)

DFA ’79 are re-releasing what is surely their finest hour as a series of remixes on download. The angular guitars of ‘Romantic Rights’ are tweaked and warped by Erol Alkan and Jesper Dahlback. Jesper Dahlback takes the choppy original and in his remix adds a throbbing bass, hand claps and squelching synths to build the track into a track that is designed to get lost in and dance. Dahlback also provides a ‘dub’ version that is no less driven by House and freed from the distraction from hedonism that the vocals might provide.

The more familiar Erol Alkan remix that helped propel the original release is also available in all its discopunk style glory. There is a furious intensity about the track as it takes the energy impossibly high, crashed and rebuilds beautifully. The end of the track seems to come all too soon and demands numerous replays.

Meanwhile, Josh Homme has given what sounds like an eastern flavour to ‘Black History Month’, the trademark aggressive guitars remain but they are subdued and now play second fiddle to the vocals. The result has more depth than the original, curiously sounding like a prog dance punk experiment you’d associate with French experimentalists.

Label : 679

Release Date : 31 October 2005

Website :

Tracks available for download

  • Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Remix) [5:47]
  • Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Remix) [6:22]
  • Black History Month (Josh Homme Remix) [4:40]
  • Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Dub) [5:44]

Franz Ferdinand Announce details of new single

Franz Ferdinand release a new single, Walk Away, through Domino Records on Monday 5th December 2005. The single is taken from their number 1 album, You Could Have It So Much Better which is enjoying phenomenal worldwide success. During the week of release it was the biggest selling record across Europe and has gone top ten in every major market across the globe – a rare feat for a UK band.

The single was recorded as part of the album sessions in Scotland and New York and was produced by the band and Rich Costey. It will be released on 7”, CD and DVD and features a number of exclusive B-side tracks, including a cover of Air’s Sexy Boy. The full track-listings are as follows:

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1. Walk Away
2.The Fallen (acoustic)

1. Walk Away
2. Sexy Boy

1. Walk Away (video)
2. Walk Away (the making of the video)
3. This Boy (live in Edinburgh)
Plus downloadable Franz Ferdinand wallpaper

Moby does punk? Apparently…

Some real Halloween horror news for you all..

Moby says he’s planning to record some punk rock. The star wrote in a post on his website: “Over the last year I’ve written lots and lots of punk rock songs, and now I’m going to record them with [drummer] Scott [Frassetto],” adding that the tracks “are definitely in the ‘fun but very rough’ camp of punk rock songs.”

He also says he’s planning to revive his Voodoo Child appellation for a new album, a follow up to 2004’s ‘Baby Monkey’. Of that project he says “The Voodoo Child songs are very melodic and electronic and experimental, and not exactly club-classic floor-fillers.”

He went on: “I have no idea when/if they’ll ever be released. If we don’t release them you can always come by [his New York cafe] Teany and I’ll make copies for you.”