Radiohead return to the studio

Radiohead are in the studio working on their new album. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood posted a message on the band’s official website on Friday saying that “all is fun and well”.

He continued: “[Radiohead art-guy] Stanley [Donwood]’s here too, or at least in the shed out back, painting again. The rats have got in and eaten all his blue paint, and there’s blue rat shit everywhere: but at least he’s got a good dub cd to listen to while he’s working.”

“At least, I think it’s good. Let me explain,” he continues, detailing how he’s spent the best part of the year listening to dub reggae: “because I know so many people who collect this kind of music and no other – which fascinates me – and because it’s mostly unknown to me. Not any more… I’ve just done it. Six solid months of nothing but Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Ken Boothe, Junior Byles, Marcia Aitkin and hundreds of others. It’s to make a compilation which may or may not ever be completed – I hope I’m not just proving a point to myself – but either way, there’s been nothing else on my ipod since April.”

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