Carl Barat names new band members

Carl Barat has apparently revealed the line up of his new band, and it
includes former Libertine Gary Powell, and Anthony Rossomando, who filled in
for the Libertines after Pete Doherty left, but also Didz Hammond from The
Cooper Temple Clause.

Barat is alleged to have posted a statement on
messageboard saying: “I am proud to announce that our new bass player is
none other than the justly acclaimed Didz Hammond, formerly of the Cooper
Temple Clause. He has never shown anything but love, compassion and talent
from the off. Gary, Stantony, Didz and I have toiled day and night for a
demo, and finally we have it. It is testament to the struggles of The
Libertines, yet quite different.”

Meanwhile The Cooper Temple Clause have made a statement on their official
website confirming that Hammond is leaving the band, although not confirming
why, which reads: “Dear fans and friends of The Cooper Temple Clause, it is
with much regret that we must inform you all of Didz Hammond’s departure
from The Cooper Temple Clause. Though the news saddens us as much as we are
sure it does you, we feel it is important to reassure everyone that things
ended amicably and there is no bad feelings between anyone concerned. A
brother has left the family home, though he shall never leave the family. We
extend to him our love and wish him the best, and hope all of you can join
us in lending him your support for the future.”

Hammond responded with the words: “with warm friendships firmly intact, and
Cooperism alive and well in all our hearts, we part ways. Thank you to

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