The Juan Maclean ”Give Me Every Little Thing” released September 19th

DFA/EMI Records

The mighty Juan Maclean return with ‘Give Me Every Little Thing’ on September 19th on DFA/EMI Records. Taken from the highly acclaimed debut album ‘Less Than Human’, ‘Give Me Every Little Thing’ rewinds through Underworld and Talking Heads en route to Studio 54, riding roughshod over the most funktified bassline you’ll hear all summer. Already a favourite amongst discerning club fellows, it has also been joyously reworked by the likes of X Press 2 (MUZIK X-PRESS Mix), Putsch 79 and Cajmere (Green Velvet). The vocal line comes courtesy of label dude/friend/producer James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Buy “Give Me Every Little Thing” from
Buy “Give Me Every Little Thing” from

Of ‘GMELT’ Juan says “Electronic disco that’s both tuff and gay simultaneously. Like going back to Fire Island, circa 1976, armed with what I know now. Armed with a drum machine, a sampler, and some amyl nitrate. Tangential reference to the Doors, who I don’t particularly like, but without the Lizard King there would be no Iggy Pop. “Partly wreaked, party wreaked, don’t stop….” I must gratefully give James Murphy of the LSD Soundsystem credit for all that. That guy has a way with his mouth. Bootsy inspired bassline took me weeks of practice to play perfectly.”

“IT’S been a bit of a sore spot,” laughs Juan Maclean, “sitting on this album and seeing this robot stuff pop up all over the place. I have serious robot credentials that go back years and years. Like, a decade! But Daft Punk beat me to the punch.” He may be joking, but the man’s right. If anyone’s earned the right to call their debut album ‘Less Than Human’ and imagine a love triangle consisting of a man, a woman and the man’s gay robot friend, it’s Maclean. ‘Less Than Human’ is a precision-tuned rekindling of Maclean’s love affair with everything from Kraftwerk to Juan Atkins and Derrick May, Funkadelic to Giorgio Moroder and Lipps Inc, DAF to Talking Heads and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It’s full of tics (sin drums, cow bells, Bootsy Collins bass lines, Moog Liberation motifs) borrowed from dance music history, but refuses to engage with retroism, nostalgia or any notion of ‘the classic.’

The Juan Maclean will return to the UK later this year for live shows, club barrages and glowstick assault.

Check out the clips below…

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