New Manchester Band OUTSIDER

They are called OUTSIDER …. a breath of fresh air from a northern climate to startle, liberate and shake up the staleness of post-winter music scene.
We invite you to open the blinds & take a peek outside…
The band conjure up an intense living beauty through their warmly crafted songs. Inhale them like the first hints of spring …. release them like the heady scents of summer
OUTSIDER have recently signed with innovative Manchester label BLUE CAT & will shortly begin recording their debut album.
Originally formed in 2002 the band have come though a variety of line ups and situations but the magic has now crystalised exquisitely and they emerge as one of the most inspiring acts to be found on the Manchester music scene.

The band are:
Danny Jones (Vocals/Guitar)
Graham Slater (Drums)
Marc Murray (Bass Guitar)

The 4 track Understanding EP is released on 10th October 2005

OUTSIDER are currently booked to play:
Betsey Trotwood, London 30 July 2005
Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport, 18th August 2005
Night & Day, Manchester, 29 August, 2005
Dublin Castle, London 12 Sep, 2005
Uncle Jacks, Lower Darwen, 16 Sep 2005
Night & Day Cafe, Manchester EP Launch Night 24 Sep 2005
Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport as part of OUT OF THE CITY, 30 Sep
Dry Bar, Manchester as part of IN THE CITY, 1 Oct 2005
West Coast Rock Cafe, Blackpool, 8 October 2005
Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport, 13 October 2005
Club (Beat), Blackpool (Main Support to Haven) , 20 October 2005
Plastic Surgery at Late Room, Peter Street, Manchester, 29 October 2005
Woodhouse Liberal Club, Leeds 4 Nov 2005

“Many outsiders unify themselves, realize themselves as poets or saints. Others remain tragically divided and unproductive, but even they supply soul-energy to society; it is their strenuousness that purifies thought and prevents the bourgeois world fron foundering under its own dead weight; they are society’s spiritual dynamos”
COLIN WILSON from The Outsider

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