Kat Vipers live at the Pleasure Unit, 7th September.

Kat Vipers, a London-based singer & pianist, will play a show at the Pleasure Unit on the 7th September.
Her music is a heady mix of jazz sounds, classical textures and lines and hooky choruses that “rock”… bordering on the experimental / alternative… Her vocals are the focal point of her work, with athletic improvisations being her unmistakable trademark and a breathtaking range flirting with the traditionally “male” lower registers all the way to the highest soprano notes – delivered in her own “warped” manner and complimented by an effervescent, omnipresent vibrato.

Press on Kat Vipers:

Vipers is an intense performer whose unique vocal style, unveiled at Kaos last month, has already garnered comparisons with such diverse and influential figures as Billie Holiday, Tom Waits and Nina Hagen. Mother Superior is an emotionally explosive, sonically intriguing record, by turns sultry, lyrical and elegiac. (Lee Adams on www.kctv.co.uk, February 2005)

playing ‘Lady Purple’ by Kat Vipers and suddenly the scene becomes complete. Hauntingly beautiful, yet equally unnerving, these 5 piano-driven compositions chart territory most memorably previously explored by This Mortal Coil and, in the off-kilter organ stabs which open Lady Purple, Tom Waits. Yet Vipers succeeds in steering wonderfully of-coarse on several occasions, offering bountiful excursions into the deeper, darker reaches of jazz, balladry, and the avant-guard. With ‘This Soldier’s Gone To War’ stretching in excess of 11 minutes, Vipers is triumphantly unafraid to take her time in constructing her cinematic, disturbing sound-scapes. Sometimes minimal and brooding, other times deteriorating into catlike squalls, it is Kat’s voice which frequently takes centre stage….and what a stage this is. Decorated with yearning string arrangements and buried in thick, black reverb, the sound truly belongs to some otherworldly film noir piece, but is nevertheless thrillingly original, and achingly beautiful on any home stereo ….or crackling gramophone. (TM – Sandman Magazine, July 2005 )

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch one of London’s up-and-coming alternative talents in an intimate show. On stage: 20.00.

Official website: www.katvipers.com

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