The Sand Creek Massacre @ Po Na Na, Reading – 8 August 2005

A surprising busy Monday night gig in Reading began with local scene stalwarts Three Litre playing punchy rock with humour and verve. The gig really kicked off when the crowd swelled for the impressive sound of Newbury’s Polar Remote (

Polar Remote‘s sound is atmospheric and intense, balancing the serene and the cathartic into a frothing mass. The impressive vocals of Stephen Greer acts as a focus in the whirlwind they create. The keyboard skills of Mark Silk warp about the subtle bass and guitars from Nathan Dobson and Adrian Dollomore while the beat is ably provided by drummer Paul Rogers. The songs are grand in scope and yet retain an all important intimacy, a fine balance maintained with apparent ease.

Headlining tonight are local boys The Sand Creek Massacre; they play countrified alt.rock that is touchingly heartfelt with a fiery spirit that is never egregious, and the rapport with their ever growing audience is warm and playful. Matt Cowen’s vocals approach falsetto as they sweep across the punters while the interplay of Tom Hastings and Lee Lavender’s guitars adds an intricacy. Mark Turner’s vibrant bass and Chris Mongers grace and control on drums provide as solid a backbone as you could wish for. In a set that seemed all too brief but overflowing with passion they created a mood of their own and held the crowd with it.

You can hear more about The Sand Creek Massacre by clicking here or visiting their website

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