The Research release double A-side single

“C’Mon Chameleon/I Love You But” released August 22nd

“The Research started in the Spring of 2003. We practiced really hard, we tried to play some Beach Boys, Tom Petty and some Commodores songs, and we wrote some of our own. The first song we wrote, “She’s Not Leaving”, was released on At Large Recordings in November 2004. Since then we’ve been very busy touring and writing enough songs to make an album.

In April 2005, we went to Chicago, Illinois, to record everything we had with John McEntire (Tortoise) in his Soma Electronic Studios. “I Love You, But…” / “C’mon Chameleon” is the first release from our time in Chicago. One is about a fear of commitment and the other is about a commitment to fear. We never intended to pair them together, that’s just the way it turned out. I think that one of them is our best song and the other one is our worst.

My name is Russell and I will write to you again soon.”

Buy C’Mon Chameleon/I Love You But from
Buy C’Mon Chameleon/I Love You But from

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