Carling Reading & Leeds Festival – Carling Stage Final Line Up: 28th/26th August

Sunday 28th August at The Carling Weekend: Reading Festival
Friday 26th August at The Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival

From debut single, “Picture On My Wall”, in 1979 through a host of 80’s classics such as “The Cutter” and “The Back Of Love” ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN were the most important band of the decade for many. A string of stunning, era defining albums, explosive live shows where tracks such as “Crocodiles” twisted and turned into new forms and, at the heart of it all, the near perfect thinking man’s pop star in the form of Ian McCullough has meant that ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN are being name checked to this day as an influence by bands such as Editors. Reforming in 1997 to release “Evergreen” and following this in 1999 with “What Are You Going To Do With Your Life” the band have continued to tour to rapturous acclaim and continued to find younger fans alongside the dedicated with 2001’s “Flowers”. To see a band of this nature in such close quarters is a rare experience and one that is heartily recommended.

Rolling Stone praised his “pure genius,” Mojo referred to him as an “unexpectedly rich talent” and Elle Girl called him “wicked awesome.” ADAM GREEN is one of those rare artists who transcends boundaries and delights audiences across the age and genre spectrums. From his first recordings with Moldy Peaches through three solo albums, the latest being this year’s “Gemstones” ADAM GREEN has seen critical praise heaped upon him for good reason with Adam himself noting “It really seems like the more my music gets out, the more mixed the audience becomes,” he says. “All over the world, my audiences range from 11-year-olds to 60-year-olds. It’s such a mixed bag, I feel like I’m Pete Seeger or something.”

THE DRESDEN DOLLS – whose self-dubbed genre gives an ironic nod to Bertolt Brecht’s illusion-destroying stage techniques – have been travelling across the modern stages of America, doling out doses of emotional medicine to a country steeped in doubt, fear and a deep un-named sadness over the death of authentic musicianship and entertainment. With songs reminiscent of Kurt Weill infused with the rock n’ roll energy of Patti Smith, Nick Cave and The Violent Femmes, this Boston-based duo’s home lies somewhere between a Weimar-era cabaret and CBGB’s. Just as their name suggests both the utter devastation of a firebombed German city and the delicate femininity and innocence of a porcelain figure, The Dolls’ sound ranges from seductive whisper to full-on assault. With a live show unlike anything else you will see at the festivals with improvisational costumes and unexpected antics de rigeur. One to see for sure.

Lots of bands claim to be different, but few actually are. ENGINEERS are a group who ardently believe in the restless, symphonic power of music. They’re driven by the same impulse that compelled Dennis Wilson to write ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ or Talk Talk to forge ‘Spirit of Eden’. The last 12 months have seen them working with feverish intensity, spreading the word via high profile supports with the likes of The Music, The High Llamas, and The Hope of The States and with their debut, eponymous, album that word is set to spread further. A blitzkrieg of strobing lights and feedback-driven melody live, these shows will announce the arrival of a band with a startling blueprint for how music should sound.

While some bands’ flames burn so brightly that they are heading back into the shadows by the time their debut album hits the racks, others take a different route. AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE have been whipping up a quiet storm since the release of their self-titled debut album in July last year. Already in possession of an Itunes single of the week for the track “Vernosa” and writing for their second album, 2005 looks set to be the year that they turn cult acclaim into real mainstream success.

With tours supporting Bloc Party, Razorlight and Hope of the States and praise from Steve Lamacq already under their distressed leather belts, Derby 5-piece KOMAKINO are set to start a riotous fuss with the release of their debut single “Say Something Else” through Drowned in Sound Recordings in July. Now confirmed on the NME New Music Tour, KOMAKINO are another name to watch on this year’s Carling Stage.

From the NME calling them ‘London’s most controversial new band’ and Independent declaring them to be ‘the most notorious, remorseless, antisocial band in Britain right now’ TOWERS OF LONDON have swiftly become a band that seemingly everyone has an opinion on. The band announced themselves to the world in spectacular fashion at last year’s In The City festival during a violent and bloody show at Tmesis which lead to their signing to TVT Records. Their first UK tour saw them banned from half the venues they played before their debut single ‘On A Noose’ crashed into the charts at 32. Currently on the NME New Music tour, by the time the band appear at Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals frankly anything could have happened. Their appearance on the Carling stage is a must see, just don’t stand too near the front.

With debut single, “Peace and Quiet” selling out at HMV on the day of it’s release THE RIFLES were already in the sights of those in the know with Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq and NME all tipping the London four piece for great things. Now, second single “When I’m Alone” seems sure to move THE RIFLES story on further. Destined for great things, THE RIFLES should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list at this year’s festivals.

Originating from the far-flung corners of South East London, Watford and Harlow, BATTLE came together at university in Kent. Front man and guitarist Jason Bavanandan met guitarist Jamie Ellis whilst at school, with bassist Tim Scudder coming on board during their Canterbury tenure and drummer Oliver Davies following. With debut single, “Isabelle” / “Feel The Same” bringing the band to wider attention and NME noting the band as ‘one to watch’ there is certainly plenty more to come from BATTLE, starting with these debut performances at the festivals.

One of the major buzz bands of South By South West this year, EVERY MOVE A PICTURE have seen their debut single “Signs Of Life” / “Chemical Burns” garner support from Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq amongst others whilst their SxSW performance saw NME dub them ”the hot tips on every hipsters lips this year are test-tube perfect EVERY MOVE A PICTURE (keyboards by the killers, melodies by the bravery and trousers by franz ferdinand)”. With the single due out on 6th June on independent Something in Construction, EVERY MOVE A PICTURE may be a much more familiar name by the time they come to the festivals.

Hailing from Collyhurst, Manchester, THE YOUNG OFFENDERS INSTITUTE were founded by singer/rapper JP who, after frightening the life out of all the musicians who dared to enter his band, decided upon just hiring his mates Chris Rigg (lead guitar/vocals), John Rigg (bass) Alan Lamb (Rhythm Guitar) and Steve Basher (Drums). This is not a band that has formed because of the need to express some sort of artistic or political message. This is a band that has formed to try and escape the boredom of normal life or from ending up in jail. Together they have formed the most dangerous, exciting and balls to the wall band Britain has produced in far too long. Combining the drug-crazed bedlam of the Happy Mondays with the feel-good anthems of Definitely Maybe era Oasis and more street knowledge than Mike Skinner could ever conjure, The Young Offenders Institute are the band to look out for in 2005.

Their name might sound like a catchphrase on a particularly ruthless Japanese game show but it actually stems from front man Chris mishearing a bloke in Bethnal Green bar talking about a group called ‘A Band Called Roy’. Luckily, Chris liked the innocence and darkness inherent in the words ‘boy’ and ‘kill’ respectively and thus BOY KILL BOY were born. With debut single, “Suzie” currently in the shops, their sublime live performances and insidious melodies are sure to find fans at the festivals.

“I would have waited in front of that stage for an era if I knew what was going to hit me. It was dishevelled and grimy and spooky and beautiful” said Drowned In Sound of a recent FORWARD RUSSIA gig. A new name to many but certain to not be that for long.

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