Editors, Birmingham Academy 2, 28th July 2005

With the release of their debut album on Monday, The Back Room, tonight was Editors’ home-coming to Birmingham. This was their biggest ever headline gig and, perhaps understandably, it wasn’t their most comfortable performance.

This isn’t to say it was nervy- Editors are a very well travelled band and even when slightly below par they can inspire a crowd. Singer Tom Smith is a
coiled spring of energy who is all angled expressions until he explodes into life, using every inch of the stage. Unfortunately for him, he sprang a bit early at one point, getting to the chorus of recent hit Munich earlier than the rest of the band. They kept it together, but it seemed to leave him
partially subdued for the rest of the gig.

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Not like the crowd, who found themselves more and more drawn in to the band. Their enthusiasm rose as other singles Bullets and Blood were played, until
the show’s finishing song, Fingers In The Factories. Judging by how this was received, and how it was played at the end of the night, it seems very
likely to be their next single.

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Editors are fighting their way past comparisons to Joy Division and Echo and The Bunnymen that have dogged them since their early days of signing to
Kitchenware, but in attracting fans unlikely to know a lot about these bands, you have to concede that they are doing something right.

Many thanks again to reviewer Marknlard

GigCast#1 – The Sand Creek Massacre (MP3)

Welcome to the first Betweenplanets Gig Podcast (or GigCast). I met up with the up and coming Reading band The Sand Creek Massacre for a chat before their appearance on stage at the legendary After Dark club.

You can download in the interview and hear some of their music below.


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Post interview, the boys went on to do a storming set for the Reading crowd amongst a very strong line up; they played with flair, panache and real showmanship. The crowd was won over and taken enthusiastically through the songs on their set that did justice to their great love of the historic local club.The following songs, available from www.thesandcreekmassacre.co.uk, were used with the kind permission of the band.

  1. Feeling It Once Again
  2. Take The Time
  3. Won’t Let Us Down

An Apology: During the interview I said that Cherokee were massacred at Sand Creek. I was wrong, it was in fact members of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.

Johnathan Rice – Kiss Me Goodbye

Singer-songwriter and actor Johnathan Rice, as you may know, is 21 years old and has already won a place in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. is an upbeat MOR rock song that you probably wouldn’t mind having on in the background if it came on the radio. You wouldn’t buy it though. God no.

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Label: One Little Indian
Website: www.indian.co.uk
Release date: 1st August 2005


  1. Kiss Me Goodbye
  2. Maryann Is Lost
  3. May The Road Rise To Meet You

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  • Book tickets at Ticketmaster
  • New Spoon Single and Live Dates

    Spoon, who released their wonderful ‘Gimme Fiction’ album to critical
    acclaim across the music mag board earlier this year, are back in the
    UK to tour the album in the autumn, coming straight from playing their
    home town of Austin’s City Limits festival. The dates are:


      28th – Glasgow King Tut’s
      29th – Manchester Roadhouse
      30th – London Koko

    ‘Sister Jack’, one of the stand out tracks on the album, will also be
    released as a single around the same time – date TBC. There will be a
    press day on September 26th with Britt Daniel, if you’d like time on
    that day please give me a shout!

    Also, check out the link to the video of ‘I Turn My Camera On’
    Click here.

    Mew, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 27th July 2005

    The Pure Reason Revolution offered their support to Mew, and this is the kind of band you’d love to see moving onwards and upwards. A five-piece, they create an intense wall of sound backed with sequencers, keyboards and all sorts of odd, fun-filled boxes with the always welcome sight of multi-instrumentalists squeezing their way past one another on a tiny stage. If I had to find a fault it would be that the songs are not always too complex, but with four-part harmonies so skilfully performed, they could have been doing nursery rhymes and I would still have been sucked in.

    Mew provided, what is for them, a typical performance. The set consisted of around a third new tracks to two thirds older ones, all delivered in nothing less than an utterly beguiling manner. Even singing in front of a loud band, Jonas has a voice so soft that you could lie on it and fall asleep, and his vulnerability and shyness are oddly endearing qualities to a frontman.

    Of the new tracks, Apocalypso sounded particularly good. The new album appears, on this evidence, to be heavier than Frengers; perhaps because the less delicate songs are most suited to live performance. Either way, the songs are as packed with hooks as is expected from Mew.

    Add to these great versions of SheSpider, Snow Brigade and She Came Home For Christmas, a stunningly reworked 156 and the adrenaline rush of Am I Wry? No, that in any sensible society would be bracketed with Take On Me as Scandinavian pop perfection, and you are lifted clean off your feet, before being knocked down by the soaring climax of Comforting Sounds.

    The world is divided into two types of people- those who love Mew and those who haven’t heard them yet. They’ll be back on tour in the UK in September; if you’re in group two, take the opportunity to move into group one.

    Many thanks to our reviewer : Marknlard

    The Magic Numbers release ‘Love Me Like You’ on August 8th

    Taken from their massively-acclaimed, self titled debut album, The Magic Numbers release the new single, ‘Love Me Like You’ on 8th August.

    Buy ‘Love Me Like You’ from Amazon.co.uk

    Buy ‘Love Me Like You’ from Amazon.com

    Having conquered Glastonbury with a stellar performance on the John Peel Stage, The Magic Numbers follow-up their top 10 album with a firm live favourite ‘Love Me Like You’. An anthemic, cosmic, harmonious shot in the arm, ‘Love Me Like You’ will fill your heart like it fills the fields of the festival circuit this summer. Coming on like the Beach Boys having a friendly scrap with Stax Records, ‘Love Me Like You’ is a crisp counter-punch to the angular haircuts and skinny ties that have reared their heads for too long.

    Hear ‘Love Me Like You’ below,

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