Indie rock band Pourquoi me reveiller will release new album on May 14th

After six years of performing together, Pourquoi Me Reveiller (translation: Why Awaken?) will release their debut album They Took My Bed Outside! on May 14th.

Promotional copies of the polished debut, released by Dutch label Dying Giraffe Records, have already hit the airwaves in Europe, the U.S., and the internet. The album’s lead single “Divided by Four,” received 18 spins in the first3 weeks of February on Radio Wazee, the largest monitored alternative station on the RadioWave Airplay Monitor (, holding 36% of the alternative internet radio market.

Pourquoi Me Reveiller took six years before recording their debut to solidify their sound, which can be described as indie rock with elements of electro-pop and classical. Their use of the baroque stringed instruments viola de gamba and bass gamba adds depth to Pourquoi Me Reveiller’s music and sets them apart from the throngs of emerging young rock quartets on the indie scene today.

However, after six years of crafting their style, the gamba can not be dismissed as a gimmick. They serve as a seamless element which supports the youthful energy of Pourquoi Me Reveiller. Pourquoi Me Reveiller is Muf (vocals, piano, accordion, guitar), Nix (guitar), Fallus (viola de gamba, bass gamba), Henno (drums) and Inkie (bass guitar.)

Fans of the Rotterdam music scene will remember Muf, Nix, and Inkie from the garage band Nethermost, and Fallus from the punk/ska band Daily Cry. All tracks from They Took My Bed Outside! can be heard in their entirety on Pourquoi’s website.

Visit Pourquoi’s website or Dying Giraffe Recordings and keep an eye on the college and alternative rock charts to witness the breakout debut of Pourquoi Me Reveiller.

Some reviews:

Pourquoi me Reveiller is a fascinating Dutch indie rock band. Featuring an eclectic array of instrumentation (piano, accordian, viola da gamba) used in an unexpectedly accessible post-rock context, they defy convention regularly. Their songs have gotten a great reaction from listeners in recent weeks on the station. Their upcoming album is expected to be released in February/March 2005. Expect this to be truly exciting. (Mansion on the Hill Radio)

……If you have promotional copies available, we would like to receive one for air play. I especially liked “Bloody Hours Of Nasty
Torture”, even though it has one word that I would have to “bleep” out for airplay…… (WRUW FM)

Good stuff
I dig the sound. You guys have something unique going on. Divided by four is very
cool. (indierawk)

For more information, please visit:
Pourquoi me reveiller
Dying Giraffe Recordings (worldwide distribution)
native Records UK/Europe distribution + promotion


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