X-treme Snowboard Trax

The idea of this DVD is simple, it’s a compilation of snowboarding clips and music that are given equal billing. What you get as a result is not a film for anyone with a deep interest in snowboarding, it’s more like an extended music video.

For just over an hour the viewer is treated to a continuous soundtrack of the coolest punk and hardcore around, provided by Epitaph Europe and Eat Sleep Records and including the likes of Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rocket Science and The Movielife, and quick cut snowboarding videos. If you’re planning on sitting down to watch this on your own you’d be advised to change you plans. It doesn’t take very long for the footage to get samey and the quick cuts mean you never get to see very much of an individual ride.

If you’re going to watch this, you’d be best advised to either have it on while you’re doing something else. If you can get a few mates around with some beers or a bong then this will provide the perfect background, with some great music and visuals you can drift toward and away from very easily.

The idea behind this DVD is a valid one but in the end, it’s difficult to see exactly who it will appeal to. It doesn’t have enough information or depth for snowboarders and it’s not interesting enough to keep music fans visually stimulated throughout.

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Label: A Music Company
Release date: 28th March 2005


  1. Pennywise – Falling Down
  2. Rocket Science – Heavy Traffic
  3. The Starting Line – This Ride
  4. Home Grown – Kiss Me, Diss Me
  5. Sugarcult – Bouncing Of The Walls
  6. Hot Water Music – Remedy
  7. Recover – Pardon The Wait
  8. The Starting Line – Up & Go
  9. Rocket Science – Crazy
  10. The Bouncing Souls – Inside Out
  11. The Beautiful Mistake – Circular Parade
  12. Pennywise – God Save The USA
  13. Sugarcult – Stuck In America
  14. The Bouncing Souls – Kids And Heroes
  15. Bad Religion – Broken
  16. Rocket Science – Tomorrow’s Soundtrack For Today’s Swinging Generation
  17. Pennywise – Something To Change
  18. Bad Religion – Epiphany
  19. The Movielife – Ship To Shore
  20. Sugarcult – You’re The One

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