Fony – Live At The Harlequin

Originally planned to be edited down to the size of an EP when it was recorded at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, Surrey last November, this release has spiralled out of control somewhat, now featuring the entire live show and also a DVD of promo videos and an extra live performance.

As soon as Makeshift 1 kicks into life, it’s easy to see why Copro Records have decided to make this something a bit more special than they had originally intended. Live recordings don’t always capture the experience of being there; it takes a special kind of skill to record and mix a live show properly and Chris Hamilton has done it perfectly here. You could almost be there.

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    Fony rip through the ten track setlist with power and intensity, tackling favourites like January Zen, R.I.U.P., Fucking The Sentiment, Chore Again and closing in an awesome version of Wishlist, End. They also treat us to a new track, I, Matador.

    Switch to the DVD and you get videos for Chore Again, R.I.U.P., A Satire For The World, Wishlist, End and Nefer plus an extra live performance record for Spanish TV station TVE2 last December.

    Consumerism is all about getting value for money these days and you can’t go wrong with this album because with Live At The Harlequin you get a lot of high quality music for your money.

    Label: Copro Records
    Release date: 25th April 2005

    CD Tracklist:

    1. Makeshift 1
    2. Makeshift 2
    3. January Zen
    4. Emeritus
    5. A Satire For The World
    6. I, Matador
    7. R.I.U.P.
    8. Fucking The Sentiment
    9. Chore Again
    10. Wishlist, End

    DVD Tracklist:

    1. Chore Again (video)
    2. R.I.U.P. (previously unreleased video)
    3. A Satire For The World (video)
    4. Wishlist, End (video)
    5. Nefer (video)
    6. Emeritus (live)
    7. Nefer (live)
    8. A Satire For The World (live)
    9. I, Matador (live)
    10. Wishlist, End (live)
    11. January Zen (live)
  • Emetrex – Wish Me Dead

    Emetrex have hit the nail squarely on the head with their stoner indie sound on this, their second album. All the benefits of stoner rock are there but without the low end grumbling that so often removes the possibility of experimentation and distinction between songs.

    The album opens with the two download singles that preceded this release, I Think The Sun Makes Me Move and Hammer In My Skull, and the forthcoming Secret Parts that will bookend it. These first two tracks show the band at their noisiest while Rick Lescault’s soft voice slowly drifts with a tone that makes everything seem okay. The third sees tinny electronic drums and synths take over the rhythm section and is the first taste of the diversity that permeates Wish Me Dead.

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    From this point, the album remains largely rocky until three tracks from the end Harsh Kingdom comes in. When this song, which sounds like it was recorded late at night in a darkened room, arrives it really shows the skilful song writing on this record at a base level.

    Like A Dog Beneath your Feet, which closes the album, shows a further side to Emetrex. Played on a keyboard that sounds like its last job was on the Terminator theme and with vocals that have an almost Gaelic quality, it sounds reminiscent of Black Snow by The Copperpot Journals.

    Despite the title, Wish Me Dead is far from an aggressive album. It will calm you as much as it will excite you.

    Label: Seriously Groovy
    Release date: 4th April 2005


    1. I Think The Sun Makes Me Move
    2. Hammer In My Skull
    3. Secret Parts
    4. Wish Me Dead
    5. Fade, Fade, Fade
    6. Shepherd’s Pantry
    7. Resonate (With Hate)
    8. Molly Hatchet
    9. Harsh Kingdom
    10. Blue & Green
    11. Like A Dog Beneath Your Feet

  • Desecration – Process Of Decay

    One of the most controversial death metal bands never to have actually killed anyone (and almost certainly the most controversial welsh death metal band ever), Desecration are not ones to hold back. Their first album, Gore & Perversion, put them on the map, in the UK tabloids and through the High Court because of its “explicit and obscene” content. Still, they have carried on and not compromised on anything (they even re-released their debut in 2003, to much less controversy), which probably leads you to wonder what they’ve done for their fifth album.

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    Well, Process Of Decay is a concept album, listing in graphic detail the process of decay in a human corpse. Nice, huh? But unless you sit down with the lyrics (which are kindly reproduced in the album sleeve) you’ll get little from it but grunting. Underneath the head turning lyrics though, is some truly brutal metal, with thundering riffs that hit you like they’ve been shot out of a cannon.

    Death metal fans may like to know that production on this album was handled by Dan Turner (Napalm Death, Cradle Of Filth, Anathema) and two tracks (Black Putrefaction and Butyric Fermentation) feature guest vocals from Amputated’s Morbid Mark.

    Label: Copro Records
    Release date: 28th March 2005


    1. When The Heart Stops Beating…
    2. Initial Decay
    3. Bacterial Breakdown
    4. Black Putrefaction
    5. Butyric Fermentation
    6. Maggots In Evidence
    7. Corpse Fauna
    8. Dry Rot
    9. Gravewax