Mando Diao confirmed as special guests on The Bravery Tour


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    Following two successful sold out headline mini-tours and a brace of dates
    as special guests to THE DONNAS, MANDO DIAO return to the UK live arena in
    May with their own explosive rock’n’roll circus for a series of dates as
    personally invited guests to current hit-makers of the moment THE BRAVERY.
    MANDO DIAO are currently tearing up the US, like they have done Europe and
    Japan many times before.

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    They release a new single GOD KNOWS a standout from their acclaimed
    HURRICANE BAR album on Jun 6th through Majesty/Mute. GOD KNOWS showcases
    MANDO DIAO at their melodic best, with its bouncy anthemic rock refrain,
    sweet harmonies and majestic delivery that is one of those rare stadium
    filling songs that come along once in a blue moon. The single will be
    backed by a series of exclusive new B-sides.

    The Bravery Support dates as follows:

      23/5 LEEDS Blank Canvass
      24/5 BRISTOL Academy
      25/5 WOLVERHAMPTON Civic
      27/5 OXFORD Brooks University
      28/29/30/5 LONDON Astoria
      31/5 MANCHESTER Academy
      01/6 GLASGOW Barrowlands

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    “A breakneck sonic carnival” NME
    “Buy the band’s hit-packed UK debut, Hurricane Bar and you’ll be able to
    feel nice and smug later” SUNDAY TIMES
    “It’s a magical slice of mayhem and is simply fucking great fun.” CLASH
    “Perfect” PLAYBOY
    “A heady mix of swagger and style” THE SUN
    “Ones to watch” ELLE GIRL
    “Throws off tunes like sparks” MAIL ON SUNDAY
    “It’s hard to see this band not breaking through this year.” MUSIC WEEK
    “Wild eyed prophets of rock’n’roll”METRO “A heady mix of swagger and style” THE SUN
    “Ones to watch” ELLE GIRL
    “Throws off tunes like sparks” MAIL ON SUNDAY
    “It’s hard to see this band not breaking through this year.” MUSIC WEEK
    “Wild eyed prophets of rock’n’roll”METRO


    LONDON — Cult indie surfgoth outfit Brand Violet ( release ‘AKATHISIA’ on Tapewyrm Records (

    This follow-up to the well-received (if little promoted) 2004 debut RETROVISION COMA USA (Riverside Records) continues the band’s unique B-sci-fi-surf-goth pop rock, with a perhaps darker edge than the first album.

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    “Spooky, gothic, surf, noir, rock ‘n’ pop – Brand Violet are already cult favourites in London and it’s not difficult to hear why. Frontwoman Sally-Anne Marsh sounds like an insane six year old with a grudge against society – in reality, she’s an insane twenty-something with a grudge against society – and the band whip up a noise which takes in all the above and comes out the other side like a hybrid of X, classic Blondie, Cramps and the Gun Club. ” —

    “Sally-Anne Marsh sounds like the results of an experiment to distil the irresistibly seductive voice of Eartha Kitt with the irresistibly seductive voice of Debbie Harry. That makes her sound irresistibly seductive then, yet her contribution isn’t the most striking thing about ‘Sputnik Bride’. That honour is reserved for the wobbly 50’s space-rock that underpins it; it’s like listening to Space (in the five minutes that they were unmissable) rummaging through Joe Meek’s cupboard looking for the holy grail of unmistakeable sounds. If Space really had done this they’d be Top of The Pops. Their loss; Brand Violet have done it and I’m SO looking forward to seeing the look of confusion on the face of the tragically hip loser that has to present this lot to the nation when they make it, for make it they surely will. ” — LOGO Magazine



  • Truck Festival 2005 Line Up Announced

    Truck Festival, Steventon, Oxfordshire 23/24 July 2005

    This year’s festival will take place at Hill Farm, Steventon on July 23 / 24 and feature a similar expanded format to last year, when we introduced the market field and the hugely popular acoustic tent. As usual there will be a combination of exciting new acts and Truck favourites right across the musical spectrum.

    There will shortly be an announcement of the full line-up of over 100 acts appearing across 5 stages, until then you can get an idea of what is to come by scanning the acts confirmed so far, namely:

    Biffy Clyro (Buy Biffy Clyro CDs from
    Black Nielson (Buy Black Nielson CDs from
    Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez (Buy Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez CDs)
    Editors (Buy Editors CDs from
    Fonda 499 (Buy Fonda 499 CDs from
    Goldrush (Buy Goldrush CDs from
    Hondo Maclean (Buy Hondo Maclean CDs from
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    Trademark (Buy Trademark CDs from
    yourcodenameis: milo (Buy yourcodenameis: milo CDs from

    Click on for up to date festival information and details of where to get tickets.

    Faetal – [sic]

    Faetal have been together since 2000 but with the current surge in popularity of electro-rock, they’ve picked absolutely the right time to release their debut album. Though they have opted for a much darker approach than bands like The Killers or The Bravery, their songs are no less infectious.

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    Pete Boyd’s voice soars over the driving beats guitars and synths and though there is an obvious Songs Of Faith And Devotion-era Depeche Mode influence, no one could accuse the band of copying their style. Instead, under the wing of producer Justin Calloway (The Delays, Scarlet Soho), they have developed a very distinct sound all of their own.

    There are too many great tracks on this album to mention individually but if you’re not hooked after the first three tracks then you haven’t been listening properly. Closing track Divide By Zero really shows off the epic potential of the band. An excellent debut.

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    Label: Wasp Factory Recordings
    Release date: 14th March 2005


    1. Liquid Hate
    2. 21
    3. Like A God
    4. Bad Orb
    5. Darkness
    6. Sadistic
    7. Phosphor Sky
    8. Can Anybody Hear Me?
    9. Losing Control
    10. Divide By Zero

  • Hondo Maclean – Unspoken Dialect

    Having cut their teeth with two EP releases and a hell of a lot of touring, the time has come for Hondo Maclean to release their debut album. They may be part of the Welsh metal invasion but you shouldn’t let that form any preconceptions, this is not going to be what you expect.

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    The songs on this album do feature elements of the smoothly produced, sweetly sung songs that many bands tout around these days but Unspoken Dialect draws in influences from elsewhere too. There’s a lot of death metal intensity filling the CD, and it’s this that really knocks you sideways the first time Keithie’s Done Himself A Mischief kicks in. In contrast, there are a number of quieter, more atmospheric moments, like Amphibian Kiss.

    Unspoken Dialect is a fantastic debut and with a step off the starting blocks like this, Hondo Maclean not only show the necessary criteria to get much bigger but also look like they could stand the longevity test.

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    Label: Mighty Atom
    Release date: 28th February 2005


    1. Keithie’s Done Himself A Mischief
    2. Don’t Stop….Rodeo!!
    3. Don’t Forget To Feed The Fish
    4. Weightless
    5. A Song For The Elvis Impersonator
    6. Yeah Girl, You Said It!
    7. Blinding Lightshows & Bad Clothes Dress Codes
    8. Amphibian Kiss
    9. Intensity In 10 Cities
    10. Mortal Kombat