New EP by Jimmy Barock (Free MP3 download)

The new EP of Jimmy Barock, called “We used to build wings at night”, is now available to listen to trough Dying Giraffe Recordings!

Jimmy Barock finished their EP together after a long period of hard work. The Band went through beautiful but tough times.

Jimmy Barock’s music can be described as explosive, with an emphasis on songs. Both singers sing their lyrics as a swordfight. Tongues as weapons, perhabs even of mass destruction.

Jimmy Barock transfroms simple popsongs in melodious torrents a la the Lapse, Karate and Face Tomorrow. Their shows are an explosive, chaotic expererience. It’s all about energy.

They performed with big international acts like Therapy?, and you will know them by the Trail of dead and Aerogramme. They also did a tour in the UK and finished
this period with a sold out gig in the famous Vera (NL) together with the well known band Mono.

Click here to listen to their new 6 tracks.


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