Kristin Hersh to cover ‘Wave of Mutilation’

Huntington, NY – AMERICAN LAUNDROMAT RECORDS (ALR) and FACE DOWN RECORDS (FDR) has announced that Indie Rock Goddess, Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave) will cover The Pixies ‘Wave of Mutilation’ for their upcoming tribute record ‘HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (a tribute to those great 80’s films!)’.

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION will feature prominent singer/songwriters, and bands covering songs that have appeared in popular 80’s films such as; Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Valley Girl, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Repo Man, etc. The tentative release date is September 15, 2005, and ALR and FDR will be announcing the artists over the next several weeks in press releases. “There’s a really strong buzz generating about this record” says Mick Chorba, FDR president, “Our forums have been getting a lot of action, and we’re receiving emails and phone calls every week from college radio and press about the tribute CD”.

‘Wave of Mutilation’ appeared in the Christian Slater cult film ‘Pump Up The Volume’. “We wanted someone who could take this song and make it their own. Kristin was the first and only person we considered covering it…” says ALR founder and president, Joe Spadaro “… Kristin is a rare, exceptional talent. Sean, Mick, and myself are all huge fans, and we’re excited to have her be a part of this project”.

Kristin Hersh is best known for Throwing Muses, one of the quietly great college bands from the 1980s. Throwing Muses was formed in 1983 by Kristin and her half-sister Tanya Donelly with a few friends from high school. In 1986 the group’s debut album was put out by the prestigious British label 4AD; Throwing Muses was the first American band to be released on that label, The Pixies would soon follow. In 1992 Donelly left to play with the Breeders and ultimately form Belly. Kristin continued on with the Muses releasing critically acclaimed records full of intensity and smart songwriting, while also putting out solo records and touring extensively. Throwing Muses officially broke up in 1997, but Kristin’s solo career continued to blossom and evolve. In 2003, looking to reunite with her electric guitar and a band, Kristin formed 50 Foot Wave with former Throwing Muses bassist Bernard Georges, and drummer Rob Ahlers. 50 Foot Wave is propelled by the racecar engine of Kristin’s guitar and her explosive, feral vocals. Bernard’s bass, as always, is a muscle, undulating through Kristin’s wall of sound. Ahlers drumming is ferocious and unbridled, at once supporting and keeping pace with Kristin’s driving and relentless sound. The trio are tight and powerful, creating music that is precise, emotional and seemingly on the edge of control. They released their first record in 2004 and toured extensively to support it, ending the year opening the Pixies midnight show at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

The songs to appear on HIGH SCHOOL REUNION are:

Song / Original Artist / Film in which Song Appeared
01. Pretty in Pink / The Psychedelic Furs / Pretty in Pink
02. Million Miles Away / The Plimsouls / Valley Girl
03. Bring On The Dancing Horses / Echo & The Bunnymen / Pretty in Pink
04. Repo Man / Iggy Pop / Repo Man
05. Somebody’s Baby / Jackson Browne / Fast Times at Ridgemont High
06. I Melt With You / Modern English / Valley Girl
07. In Your Eyes / Peter Gabriel / Say Anything
08. American Girl / Tom Petty / Fast Times at Ridgemont High
09. Turning Japanese / The Vapors / Sixteen Candles
10. We Got The Beat / The Go-Go’s / Fast Times at Ridgemont High
11. Weird Science / Oingo Boingo / Weird Science
12. Love My Way / The Psychedelic Furs / Valley Girl
13. Within Your Reach / The Replacements / Say Anything
14. Don’t You (Forget About Me) / The Simple Minds / Breakfast Club
15. Wave of Mutilation / The Pixies / Pump Up The Volume
16. Danke Schoen / Wayne Newton / Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
17. Moving In Stereo / The Cars / Fast Times at Ridgemont High

AMERICAN LAUNDROMAT RECORDS is a New York based record label that has been compared to a young SubPop and Twin Tone. Since launching the label in April of 2004, ALR has managed to build an impressive roster of artists and release records that have been embraced by critics and college radio.

FACE DOWN RECORDS is a New Jersey based record label that is best known for releasing two critically acclaimed tribute CD’s: “Left of the Dial: a Pop Tribute to the Replacements”, and “Who’s Not Forgotten” a tribute to The Who, which featured covers by such greats as ‘Guided By Voices’ and Pat Dinizio (The Smithereens). FDR is also homebase for the long standing NJ garage rock/power pop band Dipsomaniacs.

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