M83 Announce new album

CDS & 12″ Single – 7 February 2005
Remixes : Boom Bip & Superpitcher

French electronic pioneers M83 return with ‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ on February 7, a new single taken from their anticipated album ‘Before The Dawn Heals Us’, which also includes their recent limited edition two track 12″ ‘A Guitar And A Heart / Safe’ which received massive club and radio support earlier this year.

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‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ marks the beginning of the new M83 era with a more cohesive and focused aural assault, and in this has created a new benchmark for their sound, which is more powerful, intricate and devastatingly effective than before.

‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ is a stridently optimistic and uplifting anthem that seems to feature a rogue theremin at its heart, as well as the trademark M83 wall of sound and beatific choral backing vocals, and is backed by a beautiful glitching remix courtesy of Boom Bip, and a techy reworking courtesy of Superpitcher.

‘Before The Dawn Heals Us’ is the third album from M83, essentially the brainchild of Anthony Gonzalez, a resident of Antibes, France. Like its two predecessors – the eponymous debut M83 and it’s follow up, ‘Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts’ – it’s a huge and epic attempt to use music to transport its audience well beyond their immediate environment…

If M83 were a landscape, it would be endless, vast and open, God’s own country. If M83 were a building, it might resemble Cologne Cathedral, huge, imposing and, with its freakish gargoyles, somewhat unsettling. M83 is in fact a galaxy, and we have as much chance of defining that here as we do of pinning down single dust particles with a sponge, but fortunately M83 are also a band, and we can confirm that the name itself is triumphantly appropriate.

Following their recent (and fantastic!) sold out Electrowerkz performance and a successful US tour earlier this year, M83 will return to the UK in early 2005 for more superb live extravagance.



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