The Southern Electrics – Electric Superhighway (CD Review)

The Southern Electrics are a six piece alternative rock band from South-East London who have been steadily building up a following through their live appearances in the UK, Ireland and Germany. ‘Electric Superhighway’ is the name of the debut album and single (available for download from the band website). The music is a blend of excellent funk bass, space-age keyboards, guitars that echo howling metal solos. All of this is topped off with often earnest lyrics delivered by cracked and rasping singing.

There are some good tracks here; ‘Electric Superhighway’ itself kicks off proceedings with energy and aplomb. ‘Media Coke Whore’ blends in what sounds like an FM radio sweeping empty frequencies that adds an extra level of intensity to the track, while ‘Hypochondriac’ is akin to Radiohead (on ‘Pablo Honey’) but without the swooping falsetto of Thom. The album begins to go awry with tracks like ‘Alien’ and the overly long ‘The Rogues’ Gallery’ which fail to go anywhere.

Label : MI5 Recordings

Release Date : 04 October 2004

Website :


  • Electric Superhighway
  • Save You
  • Go Dirty
  • Blame
  • Alien
  • Skyhigh
  • Media Coke Whore
  • The Rogues’ Gallery
  • Spanish Fly
  • Sirens
  • Hypochondriac
  • Ultramarine

The Charlatans – Loving You Is Easy

‘Loving You Is Easy’ is the second single to be taken from The Charlatans gold album, ‘Up At The Lake’. The single lays out its stall in the title, it is a love song. It lifts it’s opening line from Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Loving You’ and later becomes reminiscent of Carly Simon’s ‘Your So Vain’ while still keeping true to The Charlatans laid back guitar pop sound. If you are in a soppy mood and want to hear a mature UK Indie sound with some West coast influences, this is your song.


Up at the Lake

According to this single is a radio only single and you cannot buy it in the shops (unless you can pick up one of the 500 promo copies from eBay). If you like the sound of the single then you are going to have to treat yourself the album as an extra Christmas present.

Label : MCA

Release Date : 20 December 2004

Website :