Radio 4 – France and UK Tour Cancellation

It was a tough last week for Radio 4. The President was re-elected and Radio 4 has been forced to cancel their of tour France and UK this month. During the band’s US tour with The Libertines, Bassist/Singer Anthony Roman, became inflicted with a physical ailment. Since returning from the tour, a battery of hospital-administered tests have so far proven inconclusive. Anthony has been directed by his Doctor not to travel until further notice. The band is terribly upset they will not be able to take part in the Les Inrocktibles-sponsored tour of France or do their UK tour with New York friends The French Kicks supporting. Percussionist PJ O’Connor says, “We look forward to returning to Europe when and only when Roman is medically cleared to continue. Nobody is more disappointed about cancelling our commitments than Anthony, but touring is not an option as his condition has not improved. Our concern right now is
for his well being. We’ll see you in ’05.”

Radio 4 will be able to return to touring in 2005.

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