The Rogership Has Landed

Roger Lands On Planet Earth !

The debut “space funk opera” from British funk megastars “Roger” is released on the legendary Head Heritage imprint. Only the second non-Cope release ever on Head Heritage, this album has already begun to make a splash in the forward thinking media across the world:

“a galaxy of fuzz-riffed, throbbing rhythmed, effects-laden tour-de-forces”

    Record Collector – UK

“This album is sensational” –

    Incindiary Mag – Netherlands

“fonking excellent”

    ireallylovemusic – UK

“Le Jasper sounds like an albino rock Andre 3000”
“powered up like Eddie Hazels exhumed cadaver, dancing & laughing”

    Jambase – USA

” a whole psychiatric ward combined with The Rocky Horror Show, the B-52’s, Pink, Jackson 5 and Boney M”

For more information and craziness visit the official website at : The Kingdom Of Roger

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