Blind Jackson loves you enough to kill you!

Blind Jackson lie just below the radar. You may have heard whispers in dark alleys about the frenetic talent of The Blind, or their so-orthodox-it’s unorthodox style. Straight up rock and rollers -the old skool of rock music, when bands played simple, infectious melody over acid musicality. An incendiary lead singer that floors you, not unlike a young, coked up Michael Stipe. Imagine this charismatic lead backed by (not three, not four) but FIVE serious musicians.

So, why you might ask, haven’t you heard of Blind Jackson yet? They didn’t want you to. They’ve been working on the music. For the past eighteen months, these rock revolutionaries have been honing their skills in inspired North London sessions and small gigs. A year and a half of gestation have given birth to miraculous results. Already receiving radio play across the UK and accruing rave reviews. And the fans are begging for more.

The funky crew of Blind Jackson has thrown some bones to their cultish followers, 3 greatly received singles and a video. The forthcoming 7 track eponymous mini album due for release on their own ident, ‘Deadskool’ perfectly preserves their psychedelic indie pop and energetic live sound, populating your headspace with all-too-hum able melodies. (I dare you not to hum Blind Jackson’s “Stop the Clock” on your morning commute) The Blind continue to develop tangential sounds and undertones in their sonically layered music, exploring their essence to its core. In order to do so, the band has again barricaded themselves inside their Camden lair to record the next step in Blind Jackson’s artistic development, a follow-up EP. But they are resurfacing long enough to do a campus tour in the UK – just a few shows to quell the ferocious appetite of their young fans. Prepare yourself to brag to your friends about rock’s next behemoths. The band’s unofficial slogan: “ Blind Jackson love you enough to kill you.” Get ready for the massacre because Blind Jackson are coming your way…

The Viscount Slim


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