FEEDER – Fan Tribute Album

’A Place Inside Our Minds III: Songs In The Key Of Feederweb’

Monday 18th October 2004

“Proving that the loyalty and appreciation of music supporters is still very much alive and kicking, fans of Brit rockers Feeder have been paramount in putting together an ambitious tribute album dedicated to the band.”

Feeder fans are again compiling a tribute album in dedication to the band, taking the form of ‘A Place Inside Our Minds III’. This will, however, be the final edition of the CD.

On January 7th 2002, Feeder’s drummer Jon Lee took his own life at his house in Miami, Florida. This tragedy shocked fans all across the world, who knew Jon as a fun loving person who would never do such a thing. Fan tributes to Jon came out in many different ways, and in March 2002, James McKenzie from Edinburgh recorded and posted a cover of a Feeder song called ‘Home for Summer’ on the band’s official message board. Feeder fanatic Tom Perou saw this as a great opportunity to pay something back to the band, and sent an outreach to fans to record and submit tracks for a Feeder tribute album in dedication to Jon, setting a deadline for July 31st, 2002. By this date, 12 songs had been submitted for inclusion on ‘A Place Inside Our Minds’, a title that had been collectively decided by the fans, taken from the song ‘Turn’.

The tribute album meant a lot to the band, and Tom set out to make ‘A Place Inside Our Minds 2’ in March 2003. In a far-fetched appeal for tracks, Tom sent letters to many high profile music websites and magazines. The appeal was a success, getting the project major coverage from Kerrang magazine, BBC teletext and countless online music websites. Tom received a huge interest from fans interested in contributing tracks. These fans were made up of DJ’s, solo acoustic artists and full bands. At XFM, the idea took the attention of Zoë Ball, who hosted a daily show on the station. She decided, instead of promoting the CD, to make her own contribution. She submitted a cover of ‘Buck Rogers’, the track that catapulted Feeder into the limelight in 2001. By the submission date, almost fifty covers had been submitted for inclusion on the album. The best thirteen were compiled and released as ‘A Place Inside Our Minds 2’ in October 2003, with all profits going to Cancer Research UK.

This year, Tom (now 17 years old) is setting out to make the final tribute album in the series. It will be titled ‘A Place Inside Our Minds III: Songs in the Key of Feeder’. Ten tracks have already been submitted over the last month, and we are looking for coverage to get the message out to any of the band’s fans who may be interested.

Tracks can be submitted in either CD or mp3 format. To arrange either, interested fans must email Tom on comfortinsound@btinternet.com. The final submission date for all tracks is Wednesday 1st December, 2004. The album is expected to be released soon after via www.feedertribute.co.uk, the official website for the album.

For more information, contact Thomas Perou, 8 West Lane, Embsay, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6QE, England.

Alternativley, email comfortinsound@btinternet.com or phone 07817 783534.

Please also forward any information regarding articles to one of these contacts.


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