The Strokes – The End Has No End (CD Review)

The Strokes are releasing the driving beats of ‘The End Has No End’ from the confines of their album ‘Room On Fire’. The track has the persistent rhythms and explosive dénouement that made the Strokes the big names that they are. Their brand of rock has echoes of classic punk and new wave that makes it sound simultaneously old and new, brash and comfortable. ‘The End Has No End’ is no exception.

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The B-side is a live recording, from one of their Alexandra Palace gigs, of The Clash’s Clampdown. Playing live, and using such dynamic source material, gives this track an edge that lifts is hugely.

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 01 November 2004

Website :


  • The End Has No End
  • Clampdown

Grand National – Drink To Moving On (CD Review)

The mesmeric majesty of Grand National is upon us again with a new single taken from their excellent debut album ‘Kicking The National Habit’. ‘Drink To Moving On’ (Buy it from Amazon) has a laid-back, toe-tapping charm that may not grab your attention from the start but will have you moving in no time. The mixture of the songs being structured like club tunes and rendered in an almost indie style contains elements that are familiar enough to make this easily digested, but full of enough surprises and originality to be uniquely exciting.

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This single is backed with the strangely magnificent ‘Strange Magnificent Noise’, a song more relaxed than ‘Drink To Moving On’ but no less hypnotically enjoyable. Also included is the curiously named ’67 Up’ that ups the bass and adds a chiming guitar to create an engaging and otherworldly atmosphere.

Label : Sunday Best

Release Date : 01 November 2004

Website : Sunday Best Grand National Microsite


  • Drink To Moving On
  • Strange Magnificent Noise
  • 67 Up

Grand National are Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence ‘La’ Rudd.

Tom Vek – If You Want (CD Review)

The great new single from Tom Vek is electronic rock that is pared back and solidly danceable. He evokes memories of New Order and comparisons with artists from the disco punk scene in New York. . ‘If You Want’ shares a bass driven simplicity with arching trance-like synths like a newly electronic New Order or early Radio 4 while also retaining the vocal defiance of the alternative rock/punk origins that they both have.


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As B-sides there is the intriguing ‘A Little Word In Your Ear’ which is like a mash up between Talking Heads, Radiohead and James Brown and the excellent Playgroup remix of ‘If You Want’ that injects a driving dance beat behind the track to great effect. Tom’s debut album is due out early 2005.

Remember to listen out for his xfm session on Tuesday 2nd November.

Label : Tummy Touch

Release Date : 01 November 2004

Website :


  • If You Want (Radio Edit)
  • A Little Word In Your Ear
  • If You Want (Playgroup Dub)