Yeah Yeah Yeahs announce new single, Brixton Date and DVD

Single: ‘Y Control’ out 18th October 2004
DVD: “Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow” out 25th October 2004
Label: Fiction/Dress Up

London Date: 15th November @ Brixton Academy
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Regarded as one of the best live bands of recent times with the iconic Karen O at the helm on vocals, Nick Zinner on guitar and Brian Chase on drums, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are set to release their first music DVD ‘Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow’ in October. The disc features electric live footage (including previously unreleased songs), an audience documentary by acclaimed film/music video director Spike Jonze, exclusive backstage footage from Japan, the bands music promos to date, and their performance at the US MTV Movie Awards in New York earlier this year.

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The single ‘Y Control’ is taken from Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut album of 2003, ‘Fever To Tell’, which has been certified Gold in the the UK and has sold more than 456,000 copies in America where the success of sinlge ‘Maps’ has rocketed the band from cult heroes into the alternative mainstream. On this side of the pond, the bands performance of the single on Top Of The Pops was a precious moment, a gem amid the tinsel of the Top 40. ‘Maps’ status as a modern classic was confirmed when the White Stripes covered the song during their encore at this years Reading Festival.

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Special DVD features include:

  • A 16 song live concert recorded earlier this year at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
  • 6 bonus live songs
  • A Japanese tour documentary directed by Patrick Daughters (director of the ‘Maps’ and
    ‘Date With The Night’ videos)

  • An audience documentary directed by Spike Jonze (director of the ‘Y Control’ video) and Lance Bangs
  • Promo videos for ‘Maps’, ‘Date With The Night’, ‘Pin’ and the controversial ‘Y Control’
    (view it here)

  • The band’s performance at the US MTV Music Awards this year

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are to play a special unscheduled show at London’s Brixton Academy on 15th November. Book tickets fot this gig through

Delays – Hey Girl (Archive Review)

The foursome that make up Southampton’s Delays, fresh from supporting acts like The Coral, The Thrills, McAlmont & Butler and Clearlake, are releasing their second single. ‘Hey Girl’ sees a welcome return to good old jangly guitar indie, sweetly sung with an earnest edge just like they had in the olden days when I was in the lank hair and leather jacket brigade (Look it was cool then, alright…). The first of the B-sides, ‘Zero Zero One’, is a fantastic waltzing soundscape with vocals evoking The Cocteau Twins at their abstract voiced pop pinnacle. Last, but not least, ‘Overlover’ is a passion fuelled uptempo ballad with rock flourishes that leaves you wanting more.


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Delays are opening for Easyworld on the following dates

  • Tue 15 Birmingham Sanctuary
  • Wed 16 Leicester Charlotte
  • Thu 17 London ULU

    Label : Rough Trade Records

    Release Date : 21 July 2003


  • Hey Girl
  • Zero Zero One
  • Overlover

  • The Hidden Cameras release ‘I Believe In the Good Of Life’

    Release Date: 18th Oct. 2004

    The Hidden Cameras release ‘ I Believe In The Good Of Life’ on October 18th. Taken from their second album ‘Mississauga Goddam’ it features their characteristic surging melodic hooks amid waves of euphoric intensity and their, by turns, literate, humorous and often fearlessly explicit, lyrics. It’s perhaps one of the best representations of what makes up The Hidden Cameras and what in turn makes them, a truly unique band.

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    The song’s video was directed by Joel himself and at one point shows the band making a cameo appearance busking on the street, en masse, in their home town of Toronto as a character ‘Tawny le Sabre’ (played by celebrated Canadian Transvestite Alex McClelland) explores the fun, thrill and danger, of perpetrating petty crime, through a series of comic episodes.

    The live shows of The Hidden Cameras are incredible, almost legendary events and have been hosted in all manner of unusual venues from Churches (fairly regularly) to Porn Cinemas and Elderly People’s Homes. Their live shows are all about engagement – with their dancers, all the while, attempting to coerce audience members into joining in the occasion and to join in. Joel and the rest of The Hidden Cameras recently joined forces with the Toronto Dance Theatre for a week of collaborative shows which saw the roles of the band and dancers overlapping within the dance and the music with fascinating consequences.


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    Incidentally a second 10inch vinyl release by the band (following this spring’s limited ‘play the CBC sessions’ release on Rough Trade) is due imminently on the Absolutely Kosher label, featuring alternative 4-track demo versions of some of the songs that feature on current album ‘Mississauga Goddam’.

    To coincide with the single’s release the band will be playing gigs on both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe.

    They will be playing an XFM show from the Barfly in Chalk Farm on 11th October. UK dates are as follows…Catch them live if you can – bands as special as this are rare.

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    • MON 11/10 LONDON BARFLY – XFM Xposure gig

    Abraham – Blue for the most (Archive Review)

    This is a very pleasant slice of trip hop from singer, songwriter and blonde Anna Friel looky-likey Rachel Cuming and programmer, songwriter Lee Jones. I had heard that they were like Ruby or Portishead but they sound far more like Mandalay or Dot Allison (She sang on Death in Vegas‘s Dirge if you don’t know her) to me. Maybe Goldfrapp without the theatricality. This is definately mood music, nice stuff to have going on in the background. Rachel sings throughout with an air of indifference – as if distanced from the subject matter.


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    There are no suprises here. But that doesn’t seem to be the point. The tunes are relaxing and unintusive, more something to lay back and mellow out to rather than dance or scrutenise. There are the odd Jazz flourises that interestingly break the flow, but never the mood of the album.

    If you like this then try Empathy the first album by Mandalay or Dot Allison‘s solo debut CD Afterglow.

    Label : V2 Music

    Release Date : 18 March 2002

    Website : none


    • Magpie
    • Stay Here
    • What Gives With You
    • City For Us
    • Start The Song Backwards
    • Blue For The Most
    • For All The Times
    • Heather
    • Freedom’s When
    • On A Plane
    • Ever So Slowly

    (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y) – Negative Snow (Archive Reviews)

    Following on from last years singles (‘S.G.W.’ and ‘Mirrors And Cameras’, both included here) April will see (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y)’s debut album – ‘Negative Snow’.

    (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y) are full of relentless energy and invention. The sound of ‘Negative Snow’ is seemingly inescapable once played, seeming to fill space about you. (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y) have experimented with the sounds at their disposal, and to great effect, as instruments are given an other-worldly life of their own along with explosive power. ‘Negative Snow’ shares a musical rebellious streak with people like My Bloody Valentine or the more recent No-Wave bands in the U.S. Each track draws you in, whilst descending into a barely controlled chaos; it’s a hard to explain the power that is evoked.


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    Intense, powerful and running on adrenaline from the first note, (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y) are not for the faint hearted.

    Label : Fierce Panda

    Release Date : 7 April 2003

    Website :


    • Gelare Regia
    • I Am Holocrine
    • In Japan
    • Mirrors And Cameras
    • Under The Glass
    • My Body Is A Nightclub
    • A Hole In Twilight
    • Nemo
    • Wet Knife
    • S.G.W.