Mando Diao UK Dates

Do not miss them this week! And if you miss them this time, do NOT miss them next time!

The band arrive in London tomorrow to play two shows:

    August 24th London, Camden Barfly @ Monarch (Headline Show)
    August 25th London,The Garage (w/ The Futureheads& The Cribs)

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MANDO DIAO release their debut UK 7″,Sheepdog b/w Sweet Ride, on September 6th in a limited edition of 500. Recorded in a basement on garage-sale gear, the single offers two raw, driven tracks in which tight hooks and clear melodies get bent and battered to breaking point. The two guitarists trade vocals, each one able to caress a tune, both sounding like they can’t wait to get past the slow stuff and explode into throat-shredding intensity. The drums whip up hurricane rhythms, the bass cuts like a cable snapping under pressure. Taken from the band’s Swedish debut album bring ’em in, which has now been acclaimed pretty much throughout the world, these tracks have been likened to a collision of Beatles and Sex Pistols, though we also sense the Davies brothers, Lou Reed, and even a little Howlin’ Wolf or two among the onlookers. They are currently completing work on a new album and world domination.

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