Fatboy Slim’s ‘Slash Dot Dash’ Video news

Legendary promo director returns to direct his first music video for almost 10 years

The video for Fatboy Slim’s new single ‘Slash Dot Dash’ has been directed by Tim Pope. Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award at this year’s CADS, Tim Pope’s landmark videos for The Cure, amongst many others, are now industry standard. This is Pope’s first music project for almost ten years.

Fatboy Slim’s music videos have always made a mark and led the way. ‘Praise You’ was voted the ‘Best Music Video Ever’ by viewers of MTV and Spike Jonze’s video for ‘Weapon Of Choice’, featuring Christopher Walken picked up a Grammy.

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Pope’s treatment for ‘Slash Dot Dash’ is suitably insane.

Tim Pope comments: “Norman said, ‘just make the video and I’ll see it at the end’. That’s very refreshing, although a little scary because it means he trusts you! He even gave me the freedom to edit the song itself. ‘Slash Dot Dash’ is just so unapologetic, and I love its anarchy. My mission was to make the video equally as unapologetic, for which I must apologise. To make it feel as if the visuals were conceived at the same moment in time as the track. Fatboy’s videos, by reputation, are mostly groundbreaking, and you feel like you are entering quite a dynasty. I guess it’s the competitive streak in me that made me want to do something good, if not better than that heritage! We will have to wait and see.”

The video for ‘Slash Dot Dash’ will make its debut first showing on www.fatboyslim.net. The video will also be featured on the enhanced CD single format. ‘Slash Dot Dash’ is released on the 13th September 2004.


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