Shaped By Fate / Johnny Mental – The Fire Which In The Heart Resides Split EP

This split EP puts on display two of the fastest rising new hardcore bands in the UK. Both Shaped By Fate and Johnny Mental play with an intensity hard to surpass and The Fire Which In The Heart Resides will have fans of the genre foaming at the mouth.

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The better of the two bands is Shaped By Fate, who seem to innovate more and borrow less from their influences and generally seem more comfortable with their sound. This is not to say that Johnny Mental are bad though, they cram in some nice touches that make this CD a highly worthwhile purchase.

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Label: Mighty Atom / Misadventure Records
Release date: 9th August 2004


  • Shaped By Fate – Stella Got Her Groove Back
  • Shaped By Fate – This Plague Of Mind
  • Shaped By Fate – Turn To Dusk
  • Johnny Mental – Venetian Blind
  • Johnny Mental – 5 O’clock Shadow
  • Johnny Mental – The Conversation Of A Pessimist
  • Johnny Mental – Pacifier
  • Johnny Mental – Outro

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