Oasis, Definitely Maybe – The DVD

6th September 2004. Big Brother recordings RKIDDVD06X

“Definitely Maybe bucked the trend of cynicism and despair to give us belief in our right to excitement.” NME, December 1994

“‘Definitely Maybe’s mass appeal scorched a benchmark for all British bands throughout the rest of the decade.” #1 Q, 50 Best British Albums Ever! June 2004

On 6th September 2004, Oasis release Definitely Maybe – The DVD to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of this landmark album’s release.

Celebrated as the best British album ever by Q Magazine in June 2004, Definitely Maybe became the fastest selling debut album ever upon its release in August 1994. For the first time ever, the whole album, including rare vinyl-only track ‘Sad Song’, is available on DVD. The classic audio version is accompanied by an hour-long documentary about the recording of the album featuring rare and contemporary interviews with the band, label, friends and entourage, memorable live and TV performances of Definitely Maybe’s twelve era-defining tracks and more besides – totalling nearly five hours of classic Oasis music and footage.

The roll call, starting with performance footage:

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  • ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ – Top Of The Pops, September 1994
  • ‘Shakermaker’ – Naked City, June 1994
  • ‘Live Forever’ – Glastonbury, June 1994
  • ‘Up In The Sky’ – Chicago Metro, October 1994
  • ‘Columbia’ – Hammersmith Palais, December 1994
  • ‘Supersonic’ – The Word, March 1994
  • ‘Bring It On Down’ – Gleneagles, February 1994
  • ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ – Southampton Guildhall, November 1994
  • ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ – Buckley Tivoli, August 1994
  • ‘Slide Away’ – New York Wetlands, July 1994
  • ‘Married With Children’ – Los Angeles Whiskey A Go Go, September 1994
  • ‘Sad Song’ – Later With Jools Holland, December 1994

Definitely Maybe – The DVD includes the band’s promo videos for ‘Supersonic’, ‘Shakermaker’, ‘Live Forever’ ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ and ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ (uncensored), some with director commentaries. Also included are the US videos for ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Supersonic’.

The cast for the documentary: Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs (1992 – 2000), Tony McCarroll (1992 – 1995), Mark Coyle (record producer), Owen Morris (producer), Anjali Dutt (recording engineer), Marcus Russell (manager), Alan McGee (Creation Records), Tim Abbot (Creation Records), Brian Cannon (album artwork designer), Michael Spencer Jones (artwork photographer), Mark Szaszy (video director), Maggie Mouzakitis (tour manager), Ben Winchester (live agent), Phil Smith (tour crew), Jason Rhodes (guitar tech), Kevin Cummins (photographer), Keith Cameron (journalist), Paul Mathur (journalist), Gary Crowley (journalist, DJ), Digsy [Digsy], Chris and Anthony Griffith (The Real People), Gem Archer
(Oasis 2000 – ), Andy Bell (Oasis 2000 – ), Burt Bacharach, Mani (The Stone Roses/Primal Scream).

Archive photographs supplied by: Paul Slattery, Tom Sheehan, James Fry, Jill Furmanovsky, Kevin Cummins, Norman Watson, Dennis Morris, Gered Mankowitz, Barry Marsden.

Hidden extras include a segment from the seminal Wibbling Rivalry Fierce Panda interview release and various non-documentary strands (including a letter from Guigsy), as well as other… hidden extras. A bonus disc (only available until the end of 2004) includes further interviews and live performance footage.

Oasis headlined Glastonbury 2004. They are currently in the studio recording their sixth studio album.

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