Head of Femur in the UK

Chicago band Head of Femur will be releasing their 2003 debut album Ringodom Or Proctor in the UK on September 6th of this year.

The eight members of the band include members of Bright Eyes and Lullaby For The Working Class, and the album was recorded by AJ Mogis at Presto! Studios, the birthplace of many a great indie record, including much of the Saddle Creek Records catalgoue. Ringodom Or Proctor has already received glowing reviews in the US, where Magnet Magazine named it was one of the Top Ten Records You Missed in 2003.

The album will be released by Greyday Europe, promoted by Truck Records and distributed by Cargo Records, and the band hope to fly out to the UK in the summer of 2005 with their follow up album, Hysterical Stars. Find out more about the band at www.headoffemur.com.

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