Moo Sick: Seriously Groovy Label Sampler

In celebration of their 9th birthday, London indie label Seriously Groovy are releasing this thirteen track sampler featuring the four bands currently making up their roster: Emetrex, Econoline, Jet Johnson and Mother Goose.

Over the years Seriously Groovy have played hosts to the likes of McLusky, Sludgefeast and Mohobishopi and this sampler displays that, even at their old age, they still have an ear for a good tune.

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The first 3 tracks of the CD are taken up by the laid back indie tones of Emetrex, a band who, despite being American, sound very English. Next it’s on to the fantastic emo of Econoline, which sounds somewhere between This Girl, Brandtson and (occasionally) The Beta band. Third is Jet Johnson who have been receiving rave reviews from people far more important than me but still fail to set my world on fire. Parts of their songs are very good but others don’t sit right with me, which is a shame because the good bits are really good. The final band showcased are Finland’s Mother Goose who at various times bring to mind images of REM, T-rex and The Flaming Lips. To finish, the CD returns to Emtrex for one final song, the beautiful Nothing But Blue Skies.

Overall this is an excellent compilation from a fine label and is bound to excite anyone with an interest in independent music. Somewhere between one and four of your new favourite bands are here.

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Label: Seriously Groovy
Release date: 5th July 2004


  • Emetrex – Hammer In My Skull
  • Emetrex – Secret Parts
  • Emetrex – Swimming
  • Econoline – I’m Plagued
  • Econoline – Go Team!
  • Econoline – Goodbye Blue Monday
  • Jet Johnson – Micropolitan
  • Jet Johnson – Donnie (acoustic)
  • Jet Johnson – What’s With Your Heart
  • Mother Goose – Feelies Feeling
  • Mother Goose – Cocaine Mirror
  • Mother Goose – Common Language
  • Emetrex – Nothing But Blue Skies

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