Death From Above – Elephant In Your Living Room Tour

“Blood On Our Hands” July 12th

“We wanted our band to be like an Elephant in your living room” says Jesse F Keeler one half of Death From Above “That’s why we gave ourselves trunks”

Death From Above will soon set off for the UK with nothing but a bass guitar, a synth and a set of drums. The Canadian two piece described by NME as ‘a messy injection of synth -splattered spleen-rock’ are on a mission to play wherever and to whoever will have them, whatever the occasion, party or wake, as many times in as short a space as possible. They’ll play living rooms and back rooms, basements and embankments, roofs, balconies and toilets, the dirtier the better.

Death From Above are a two piece from Toronto who’s debut limited edition vinyl only single ‘Blood On Our Hands’ has already caused quite a stir. ‘Blood On Our Hands’ is released July 12th on 679 Recordings. The band’s debut single proper and album ‘You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine’ are set for a release this Autumn. Death From Above are a band trying to make as much noise as possible without the use of guitars. To hear them on record, it is hard to believe that the only instruments being played (with the exception of the odd Flute sample or Moog oscillation) are the Bass And Drums. It’s a bit like how Queen used to write “No one played synthesisers” in the sleeve notes of their early albums, well with Death From Above no one plays guitars “we don’t need them, and besides why would we want to put anyone else on the payroll?” A four track sampler of the band’s debut album is now available.

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Tracklisting follows:

    01. Blood On Our Hands
    02. Romantic Rights
    03. Pull Out
    04. Black History Month

The band’s Elephant In Your Living Room tour will go to the following locations.

July 2004

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    6th Colchester Arts Centre (With The Killers)
    7th Northampton Soundhaus (With The Killers)
    8th London Astoria (With The Killers)
    8th London On The Rocks
    9th Sheffield Leadmill (With the Killers)
    10th London Frog at Mean Fiddler
    10th London Cro Bar with Vice Magazine
    10th London 1234 Warehouse Party (Commercial Road)
    11th London In A Basement
    12th London Katie’s House, Dalston
    13th London Erol’s Balcony, Holloway
    14th Glasgow Sikorski Polish Club (with the Futureheads)
    15th London Secret Venue (with The Futureheads)

Death From Above, a band unafraid to cart their gear around three gigs in one night.

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