Fatboy Slim – ‘Slash Dot Dash’

    Release Date – 13th September 2004
    Label – Skint
    Web – www.fatboyslim.net
    Distribution – Vital

Quirky and distinctive. There is no mistaking the return of Fatboy Slim.

Taken from the new album ‘Palookaville’, ‘Slash Dot Dash’ was always Norman Cook’s choice for first single. The biggest and dumbest track off the whole album. Repetitive samples and monstrous guitars. This is the right calling card. Fatboy Slim back in business. This should remind everyone what they have been missing. ‘Palookaville’ here we come.

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Norman Cook comments: ” ‘Slash Dot Dash’ is a mix of old and new Fatboy. There is repetition but this time the track actually has live guitars! The plan was to throw in a bit of Buzzcocks and The White Stripes. The track is just a comment on this new language people seem to have – although I don’t even own a computer. Well, I do, the Atari in my studio, but no one ever sent me an email on that!”

Commercial formats feature a wealth of a beats and pieces. Dancefloor cut ‘Jin Go Lo Ba’ from the album is here, alongside a remix from Jon Carter. In addition ‘Close To Home’, Norman’s music for the O2 advert is featured, plus exclusive B side ‘What They Looking For’. There is even an accapella of ‘Slash Dot Dash’!

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Fatboy Slim’s videos have become something of the industry bench mark. This time round veteran video director Tim Pope, who recently scooped the lifetime achievement award at Music Week’s CADS awards, will direct the video for ‘Slash Dot Dash’. The first music project he has worked on for nearly ten years. The video for ‘Slash Dot Dash’ is featured on the enhanced CD single.

The new album ‘Palookaville’ is released on the 4th October 2004. The album features vocal contributions from Damon Albarn, Lateef from Latyrx, Bootsy Collins, Justin Robertson and local Brighton band Jonny Quality. It’s all rather good. Promo copies available soon.

In all the excitement, it shouldn’t be forgotten that this is Skint’s 100th single release. Congratulations all round then for one of the UK’s finest independent labels.


Skint 100 12″

    A1 Slash Dot Dash
    A2 Close to Home
    A3 Slash Dot Dash (Accapella)
    B1 Jin Go Lo Ba (Jon Carter remix)
    B2 Jin Go Lo Ba (Dejay Delite mix)

Skint100 CD

    1 Slash Dot Dash
    2 Close to Home

Skint 100 CDX

    1. Slash Dot Dash (Dylan edit)
    2. Jin Go Lo Ba (Jon Carter Mix)
    3. What They Looking For
    4. Slash Dot Dash (Accapella)
    5. Slash Dot Dash (Video)

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Interpol : New album announced

One of 2004’s most hotly anticipated releases, the 2nd Interpol album, ‘Antics’, is released on 27 September. The New York quartet have more than fulfilled the promise of their wildly acclaimed ’02 debut, ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ with a far more ambitious sequel.

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Recorded with longtime associate Peter Katis, Antics is an optimistic exploration of the dark landscapes visited on ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’, but with substantial differences. No less brooding and intense but now infused with flashes of colour and romance, Antics travels from the gorgeous major chords of the opener, “Next Exit”, through a new assortment of characters named Rosemary, Rod Laver and Black Goddess as they cavort and frolic in seamy alleys and sweat-stained beds. Mixing the darker side of life with light, almost jangly, riffs “C’Mere” stands out as the pop song of the album. The journey ends with the grim “A Time To Be So Small”, the flipside of the hopeful opener. The lyrics and instrumentation have gained even greater depth, and the richer production opens the musical textures into four dimensions. Some of Interpol’s greatest songs are here: “Evil”, “Take You On A Cruise”, “Slow Hands” and “Not Even Jail” among them. A magnificent next step from one of the iconic bands of the new millennium, Antics is a powerful artistic statement from a group on the brink of stardom.

Formed in 1998 by Paul Banks, Carlos D and Daniel Kessler, with Sam Fogarino joining in 2000, Interpol forged a confident and unique sound during a frenetic period for New York rock. Their flair for the dramatic and their mature songwriting skills soon struck a chord both in the UK and the US and won them streams of devoted fans and instant critical acclaim. From releasing their debut Matador EP in June 2002, their transition into the popular conscience has been a natural progression and lead to their selling 300,000+ albums to date in the US. This is not just a ‘band-of-the-moment’, their quality and longevity has made them an omnipresent part of the pop culture landscape – clearly shown by their music being played on both Friends and Six Feet Under as well as REM covering ‘NYC’ at Madison Square Gardens. At the invitation of The Cure’s Robert Smith, Interpol embark upon a 23-date ampitheatre tour across North America as part of Curiosa playing second to the headliners. Interpol will return to the UK for their own tour this autumn.

VS – ‘Make It Hot’ released 20th September

Fresh from the chart success of their hits ‘Love You Like Mad’, and ‘Call U Sexy’, VS are back with a slamming third single, ‘Make It Hot’, released on 20th September through Innocent Records.

‘Make It Hot’ features a crunching bassline and a rhythmic melody that builds to an infectious chorus, calling you to the dancefloor. Co-written by VS themselves with production team DEEKAY, the track fuses the punchy raps of Jaime and Blimi with the smooth and sexy vocals of Marvin, Chinyere and Ryan to produce a fresh, slick slice of UK r&b.

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Marvin says: “‘Make It Hot’ is a really energetic, sexy track. We recorded it with DEEKAY in Denmark and it’s one of my favourite tracks on our forthcoming album, because you can’t help but bob your head when you hear it. It’s definitely one to dance to, which is why we particularly love performing this song live.”

Since exploding onto the music scene this February, VS have been busy writing and recording their debut album, due out later this year. The band have collaborated on the album with such r&b luminaries as Cutfather & Joe, Supaflyas and Stargate. VS have also spent the past few months taking to the stage at various roadshows and festivals throughout the UK and Europe and are supporting Blue on their summer tour dates.