The Music Live in the UK

The Music are back in the UK after completing work on the second album with producer Brendan O’brien. The as yet untitled album is set for release sometime in September.

All tickets for the band’s “warm-up” dates in Glasgow and Liverpool sold out within a day of going on sale – for anyone going to Homelands the band will be on stage around 6.45pm

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The Music are also confirmed to appear at the Love Music Hate Racism gig in Manchester on Sunday 30th May – the day after Homelands. For more details about the gig and the Love Music Hate Racism campaign check out the LMHR website at

In July The Music play the Montreux festival in Switzerland before heading off to Japan for the Summer Sonic festival in August.

More dates are being planned, check out the website for details.
Rock Against Racism

Twenty years ago, a group of musicians and political activists came together to form Rock Against Racism.

It was a movement formed in reaction to rising xenophobia and racism fuelled by Nazi organisations like the National Front.

Rock Against Racism stood for “Rebel music, street music. Music that breaks down people’s fear of one another. Crisis music. Now music. Music that knows who the real enemy is. Rock Against Racism. Love Music Hate Racism.”

The most memorable Rock Against Racism event was the April 1978 “Carnival against the Nazis”. A huge rally of 100,000 people marched the six miles from Trafalgar Square through London’s East End – the heart of National Front territory – to a Rock Against Racism concert in Victoria Park, Hackney.

X-Ray Spex, The Clash, Steel Pulse, and Tom Robinson were on the bill – a diverse selection of music for a diverse multi-cultural crowd.

Today the Anti Nazi League is campaigning again in the name of Love Music Hate Racism – a demonstration of the positive energy of the music scene against the hate-fuelled beliefs of the British National Party, National Front and Combat 18.

Anti Nazi League –
Love Music Hate Racism –
Unite Against Fascism –

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