Pixies DVD and Best Of

RELEASE DATE: 3rd May, 2004

    ‘Wave Of Mutilation’ (Best Of)

(Re)Discover the Pixies with a new 23 track album tracing the
glorious career of one of the most influential acts of their
time. ‘Wave Of Mutilation – Best Of Pixies’ will be
released by 4AD on Monday the 3rd of May 2004.

During their brief career (1987-1992) the band released one
mini-album (‘Come On Pilgrim’), four full length albums
(‘Surfer Rosa’, ‘Doolittle’, ‘Bossanova’ and ‘Trompe Le
Monde’) and a handful of singles. Posthumous releases have
included ‘Complete B-sides’ (self explanatory) and ‘Pixies at
the BBC’, a compilation of radio sessions.

The new ‘Best of Pixies’ runs (almost) chronologically and
expands on the previous compilation, ‘Death To The Pixies’.
The recordings still sound completely fresh and unique.
Inevitably there are half a dozen tracks from ‘Doolittle’,
frequently acclaimed as one of the best albums ever!. There’s
also a selection of quality B sides, the live favourite ‘Into
The White’ and, to end the sonic assault on a poignant note,
a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Winterlong’.

    ‘Pixies’ DVD

Simply entitled ‘Pixies’, the DVD (which will also be
released by 4AD on Monday the 3rd of May 2004) is nearly two
and a half hours of archive action. It is a splendid, low
priced, introduction for old fans and new converts alike and
is split into four programmes:-

    41 minute live concert – REMIX IN 5.1 / stereo

    • 1. The Holiday Song
    • 2. Nimrod’s Son
    • 3. Bone Machine
    • 4. Levitate Me
    • 5. Ed Is Dead
    • 6. Where Is My Mind
    • 7. Caribou
    • 8. Something Against You
    • 9. Hey
    • 10. Gigantic
    • 11. I’ve Been Tired
    • 12. Vamos
    • 13. In Heaven
    • 14. Tony’s Theme
    • 15. Wild Honey Pie

    2. promo videos

    • Monkey Gone To Heaven
    • Here Comes Your man
    • Velouria
    • Dig For Fire / Allison
    • Alec Eiffel
    • Head On
    • Debaser
    3. Pixies On The Road

    4. GOUGE – 50 minute documentary


Pixies DVD trailer (Real Media)


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