Schneider TM ‘reconfigures’

released by the toy sound of earsugar:

UK/Europe Release Date: 26th April distributed by vital:

catalog number: earsugar04CD & earsugar04LP
artist website:

Schneider TM re-versions and re-creates.


suck or run > tm vs. pulseprogramming
take me > margo
wonder > lamb
ephe kicks in, feel like kevin > tm feat. kptmichigan vs. rechenzentrum feat. marc marcoviƧ
heaven tm > turtle bay country club feat. onejiru & Patrice
the conductor, the tractor?mix > the faint
eugene > phillip boa & the voodooclub
grace, space?mix > ruby
the new cobweb summer, lanzarote remix > lambchop
noitare def cinos > alc levora
switched on boss hog > schneider tm

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