Starlite Desperation, the good kind

STARLITE DESPERATION, “Violate a Sundae” – This is the fucked up sound of the next future on May 31st via Sweet Nothing. This is merely a prelude to
the ‘love damage’ they will create in 2004, as they hit the road with the International Noise Conspiracy in June to support this new extended player.

Love, volume, Starlite Desperation. Listen……

See the train of destruction on the road with the International Noise
Conspiracy at the following dates:

    04-Jun London Mean Fiddler
    05-Jun Leeds Cockpit
    06-Jun Glasgow King Tuts
    07-Jun Manchester Hope & Grape
    08-Jun Oxford Zodiac
    09-Jun Birmingham Academy

Book tickets through
The STARLITE DESPERATION (Dante, Jeff, Dana and Casey) formed in the late 20th century, moving coast to coast via Monterey, CA to Detroit, MI, and Los Angeles. These four unruly gentleman rattle cages and dance floors, spill blood, and play music like it was their last night on earth. Waking the
dead in their new home of Los Angeles with their blend of The Scientist’s ‘Frantic Romantic’, Keith Richards’ ‘G Chord Jangle’, 13th Floor Elevators
manic psychedelia and Glen Danzig Misfits era melody, The STARLITE DESPERATION deals most importantly a heavy dose of the most potent drug on the streets…ORIGINALITY!

These ‘dharma bum’ ramblers have set to sting us with “Violate!.” And it’s 6 brand new songs, recorded by Jason Carmer (ROYAL TRUX, MARK EITZEL, DONNAS, etc.) at Morningwood Studios San Francisco. The band’s decision was made
when Carmer exclaimed that “Starlite” reminded him of a cross between ‘FUN HOUSE, PYSCHOCANDY AND JOHNNY CASH’ – The songs sound like a little kid burning ants with a magnifying glass! I just wanna make them sound ‘FUCKED
UP'” he cheered! Fucked Up is the only adjective that makes sense anymore, especially when describing the sound and fury of The STARLITE DESPERATION.

The band’s new songs build on the strengths of the first two albums “Show You What A Baby Wont” (GSL) and “Go Kill Mice” (Sweet Nothing) yet reach
farther to realise a deliberate and incessant need to stand apart, devoid of any pop-culture leanings. Strong song writing is coupled with the creative lyrical content of singer/guitarist Dante Adrian whose imagery evokes William Burroughs or Paul Bowles, offering obscene insight and an unparalleled perception of the beautiful and ugly.

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