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Betweenplanets sent roving reviewer James to catch the St. Louis rockers The Living Things play the Mean Fiddler just ahead of the release of the single ‘I Owe’, taken from their album ‘ Black Skies In Broad Daylight’ (DreamWorks Records).

Living Things – Mean Fiddler – 13/04/04

Schools out for Easter as someone almost once said and it’s noticeable in the mean fiddler as the bar is empty but the venue is full of kids hopped up on sherbet fountains except for a few dads in their zeppelin t-shirts. Anyone that picked up one of the postcards dotted around the mean fiddler that introduce the band as Eve Berlin (Bass), Lillian Berlin (Guitar and Vocals) and Bosh Berlin (Drums) will have been understandably confused when 4 people take to the stage with no announcement, There was a extra guitarist but I’ve no idea who he was as he didn’t get a introduction.

Living Things

Bosh was like Animal from the Muppets; bashing the drums like a madman for the Stooges /New York Dolls with some Billy Idol style vocals from Lillian. They didn?t let up once throughout the half hour set which included burning a picture of Tony Blair and George Bush, which will continue “until these motherfuckers are out of office”. The kids it seems are too young to care and their dads don’t care too much either so it’s up to us twenty-something’s to raise our fingers to the leaders of the free world. The set stopped as abruptly as it began as the last song just stops but The Living Things bring us peace, a loud peace. Long may they burn effigies, continuing the good fight after G.W. has gone.

Living Things

The Living Things release the single ‘I Owe’ on the 19th April.

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