Black Dice have Miles of Smiles

Tuesday, April 6, 2004 sees the release of the “Miles of Smiles” EP.

Every release by Black Dice is different. You know that by now, right?

2002 brought the world “Beaches & Canyons” , the first full-length release from Black Dice, which forever changed the public perception of what this band could be. 2003 saw the release of the landmark single “Cone Toaster”, where the band explored their unique version of 4/4 dance music – it was rated 2003 Single of the Year in the New York Times (Jon Pareles), amongst others and saw the band getting reviewed and covered by every genre of music magazine. When the DFA met Timbaland while in Miami at the 2004 Winter Music Conference, he referred to “Cone Toaster” as some “freaky shit” and told us it was in his CD player in his car. We are not making this up.

This EP clocks in at a total running time of 28 minutes. This release will please and confound fans and critics alike, as the band prove once again that whatever they tackle, it is on their terms only. “Miles of Smiles” was originally created for The Poetry of Sex art exhibit in Tokyo and finds the band exploring a Musique Concrete-like world of chance and surprise. The flip side “Trip Dude Delay” has been a live staple for many years. It has been on the DFA release schedule for far too long, and we are thrilled to finally get it out there for everyone to experience.

As anticipation mounts for the June 22, 2004 release of the next Black Dice full length album “Creature Comforts”, this should tide us over until then.


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