America The M83 Way

M83 – whose recent remix of Goldfrapp caused more than a few palpitations on the floor – release a generously stuffed thirty minute EP, AMERICA, on May 24th. To celebrate this four track monster, available on CD and 12″, allow us to present a track by track breakdown:

    1) AMERICA (Radio Edit)

    An edited version of a track from last year’s Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts album, which has proved to be one of last year’s word of mouth favourites as well as the target of much well aimed critical acclaim. AMERICA is one of the stand out cuts from the album, a frantic hustle that binds electronic wizardry to headfuck guitars and disembodied but strangely familiar voices, offering one of the most unexpected and unusual breakdowns you’ll ever hear.

    2) TSUBASA

    Following America’s two and a half minutes of maniacomes Tsubasa, an example of M83’s more pastoral outings. We’re not yet sure whether this refers to the Japanese word for ‘wings’, its metaphorical translation as ‘freedom’, the name of a football player in a manga comic, or Bill Reichhardt, an American digital erotic artist who has adopted this name, but whichever explanation is true, we like it.


    The name God Of Thunder gives a fair indication of the Thor-like qualities of the donner und blitzen (and we’re not talking reindeer) that this beast offers. Frankly, on any other day of the week, this would not only be an A-side, but it would probably be the title track of a blockbuster movie, or at least an album.


    Talking of album titles, the fourth and final track is a seventeen minute dream sequence entitled Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, even though it was not included on the album of the same name. We like these boys…

But who are these boys? They are Nicholas Fromageau and Anthony Gonzalez, based in the South Of France, and they somehow capture the mind-bending, string-bending majesty of My Bloody Valentine, throw in the kind of technological boffinery that gets many purists into an imperial lather, and then pump it all full of animal testosterone and state-altering drugs when they climb on stage. That’s not to mention the fractals…

We hope it’s not too late to mention the mind bending video for AMERICA contained in the enhanced portion of the finished CD, directed by Jamie Scott. Don’t miss out on it.

M83 return to the studio very soon to work on their next album, provisionally scheduled for a late autumn release.

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