Comets On Fire release new album

Bringing their tales of drug crazed space travellers, grave robbers in love,
and cosmic cannibals, Santa Cruz semi-supergroup COMETS ON FIRE are ready to
initiate unsuspecting audiences into their lair of psychosis. ‘Field
Recordings From the Sun’ released on March 29th via Sweet Nothing Records,
is a towering tomb of natural ethereal beauty and pure sonic destruction set
above a cosmic freight train of unhinged riffs and jagged grooves. The band
(Ben Fleishman bass, (Lowdown’s) Noel Harmonson echoplex and
oscillations, Utrillo Belcher drums, Ethan Miller vocals /guitar)
entered TIM GREEN’s (of The Fucking Champs) studio in San Francisco with
only bareboned riffs and ideas for ‘Field Recordings…’ the precise moments
of artistic creation and structural formation was captured directly to tape
the instant it happened. This recording technique gives the listener a more
direct contact with the music and a mainline to the physical transfer of
energy through the listening process. ‘Field Recordings From the Sun’ is an
aggressive attack on a fragile reality, a peeling back of the skull above
the brain and a transmigration of the senses to a universal location of beer
drunk joy and overwhelming white heat in thundering, all consuming sound.
‘Field Recordings From the Sun’ is simultaneously a deformation and
unabashed celebration of all that is purely grotesque and whorishly
beautiful about rock and roll music. It is the sound of human expression
full of horror, full of joy, full of whiskey and grass, laughing, full of
love and full of confusion. This is West Coast Psychedelia, hang onto your

‘Field Recordings From the Sun’ is out March 29th via Sweet Nothing

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