Silver Rocket Fri 5th March

Here we have some news about Silver Rocket this Friday for you, and (finally) about the cut&paste relauch.

While I remember, though, I should remind you about the garage’s new innovative door tax – making you hand your rucksacks etc in and also making you pay a quid for the privilege of having them confiscated. This is purportedly for health and safety reasons, to stop you tripping over someone’s huge sack in the venue (hey, whatever you get up to in your own time is none of my business). Neither we nor the bands get a penny of this so I can promise you it’s not some sort of stealth SR price rise. All I can say is, try not to bring a bag with you that’s bigger than a handbag, otherwise it might get taken off you. And if you’re bringing something you really care about bring it in a small bag or put it in your pocket. Also, I know you’re all lovely and you’ll be patient with the girl on the door that has to handle all the bags, coats and grief when this slows the line down, cos it’s really not her fault.

Friday March 5th 2004
Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury, London (020 7607 1818)
8.30pm – 3am
Entry £4 before 10.30, with flyer, or NUS. Otherwise £5.

see for a map, a printable flyer and more info

Book tickets through

Silver Rocket presents

    Anyone who remembers coming to see Ten Grand at SR last year will also remember being unexpectedly silenced, awestruck, by the support act the band had brought over from the states with them. William E. Whitmore’s honest, gritty, heartbreakingly beautiful brand of bluegrass, gospel and folk is perfectly complemented by a voice that has clearly seen its fair share of whisky.
    Following the sudden and tragic death of Matt Davis from Ten Grand the rest of the band have reformed as Payload and Zach and Joel are backing William for this tour in support of his wonderful album “Hymns for the Hopeless”.
    Not in fact a country singer to accompany Mr Whitmore, but a loud and intelligently haphazard band from the South-East of England. Formed in 1994 this band have been entertaining discerning audiences (like you) with their shambolic but perfectly formed flailing genius punk and noise, not to mention arse wiggling, rock posturing, and ridiculous between song insults (aimed at each other) ever since. Not a band to inspire apathy, you will either love them or hate them, and if you hate them you’re just plain wrong. Also, they give their records away. No catch. And it’s not cos they’re crap either, cos they’re not. They’re just very kind.
    Raw, noisy, filthy and definitely mighty this band to watch from Liverpool are attracting a great deal of admiration from several quarters and a whole load of respect from other bands. Oft compared to QOTSA and Fugazi. Their drummer hits his cans harder than anyone else, or so we hear.
    Slow fi heartfelt songs of love and loss.

Followed by the SILVER ROCKET CLUB until 3 – you know…sonic youth dinosaur jr fugazi my bloody valentine ride pixies mudhoney nirvana cure rapture trail of dead yeah yeah yeahs at the drive-in buzzcocks dead kennedys undertones ramones violent femmes ac/dc rolling stones stooges magazine moldy peaches datsuns black sabbath white stripes blondie pil beck primal scream the smiths teenage fanclub pavement sebadoh hüsker dü kiss beastie boys clinic part chimp jon spencer shellac jamc billy mahonie yo la tengo wedding present the fall pj harvey peaches stereolab sfa flaming lips gossip le tigre sleater kinney part chimp kaito ladytron chicks on speed destiny’s child bikini kill add n to (x) aphex etc etc etc

I want mo’ SR
SR in April is on the 2nd and is in conjunction with Wrath records, from Leeds. With Future Ex-Wife, Scaramanga 6 and les Flames!
May SR promises to be the loudest ever. More to follow.

So tell me about Cut & Paste then, finally….
Cut & Paste is relaunching at the Buffalo Bar, under the Famous Cock Tavern, just outside Highbury tube station, on the third Saturday of every month, starting on Sat March 20th. Yes, those of you who work Saturdays have got absolutely no excuse…

If you don’t remember, the concept behind C&P is that we play whatever records we like, regardless of style (theirs or ours). We are also inviting other people to run the nights with us, so on the 20th our good friends at Noisestar are booking some bands – the thoroughly marvellous collection of Tempertwig, Oil Red O and Dragon Rapide to be precise – and the lovely Ed from Soul Mole will once more be assisting with DJ duties.

I don’t really like to use the term eclectic, it’s been a bit overused, let’s just say we’re all mixed up.

Our playlist could go a little something like this: fugazi, ac/dc, kylie, the rapture, le tigre, brassy, peaches, sonic youth, bikini kill, destiny’s child, hole, salt’n’pepa, ramones, breeders, dinosaur jr, boston, sugababes, the gossip, pixies, liberty x, the darkness, joy division, huggy bear, smiths, moldy peaches, dead kennedys, de la soul, black sabbath, missy elliott, nirvana, goldfrapp, slint, jay-z, betty boo, chicks on speed, mbv, pj harvey, ladytron, kills, the jacksons, magazine, beastie boys, jon spencer blues explosion, queen, big black, freda payne, buzzcocks, stooges, nelly, cure, metallica, interpol, luscious jackson, nine inch nails, blondie, gang of four, mudhoney, abc, radio 4, soundgarden, 50 cent, duran duran, plus requests, bootlegs and anything else we feel like dancing to…


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