Scarlet Soho new single available now

Scarlet Soho’s debut single for Human Recordings, Isolation, is available to buy online at now.


  • Isolation
  • Tried, Tested & Failed
  • Useless
  • Isolation (video)Check the site for more info and free MP3’s There was a time when pop music was not the dirty, unpleasant thing it is today. Once upon a time, bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and The Cure were topping the charts and no one had given a thought to televised karaoke competitions. Okay, none of this is exactly true, twenty years ago bad pop music did exist and talent competitions were popular Saturday night entertainment; the point is that when we look back we only remember the good parts. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and helps to keep us smiling when we get old.

    When we look back on the beginning of the 21st Century, what will there be to remember? Music packaged as a product, devoid of artistry and bland beyond belief. In ten years, will there only be competition winners singing on our screens? Should the worst happen, rest assured that you will always be able to tell your grandchildren of the feelings of warmth and love brought to you by a band called Scarlet Soho while all around you collapsed.

    Live favourite Isolation is the first single taken from Scarlet Soho’s debut album, to be released this summer. With a chorus so catchy that you’ll be singing it for weeks after just one listen, Isolation sees the band at their absolute finest. Jim’s vocals soar above the music: a perfect mix of electronics, uplifting guitars and pounding drums. And that acoustic guitar on the verse is just stunning in its simplicity. If this doesn’t make you want to dance then you must be dead? or at least very ill.

    Taking in influences such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and At The Drive-In, the single was produced by Justin Callaway (The Delays, Reign Of Erebus) and follows a number of high-profile support slots with The Faint, King Adora, Martin Grech and Easyworld.

    Backing up the title track are Tried, Tested & Failed – a Scarlet Soho-style ballad – and Useless – another live favourite that quite simply RAWKS! These two aren’t even going to be on the album: that’s how good the album is going to be!

    Scarlet Soho’s debut album is due for release this summer.

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