New album from Nectarine No.9

On March 1st the Nectarine No.9 are set to release their fifth album ‘I Love Total Destruction’.

Written and produced by the group in their native Edinburgh, ‘I Love Total Destruction’ sees the Nectarine No.9 continue to develop their mercurial underground guitar noir.

It follows on from last year’s incubator demix E.P., “Society Is A Carniverous Flower”, which featured deconstructs by an eclectic array of artistes (Twitch, Bill Wells & Norman Blake, Transelement, Scientific Support Dept, Colditz, and Future Pilot AKA).

“I slept with the subway sect, the subway sect slept with me”

The 7th of May, 1977: This is the date when everything changed forever, as the Clash’s “White Riot” tour hit Edinburgh. However, it wasn’t the Clash that connected with a bunch of teenage punks in the audience who would go on to form the fulcrum of “the sound of young Scotland”, it was Vic Godard & the Subway Sect. Their ramshackle grey-glare/treble-to-the-max guitar sound was THE major influence on Postcard Record’s “Orange Juice” & “Josef K”, and Fast Product’s “Fire Engines”.

The Fire Engines leader, Davy Henderson, has actively carried the torch for Vic, with Godard continuing to make his influence felt on Henderson’s work with The Nectarine No.9 over the past 10 years.

The band are joined by ex Pop Group majordomo & free-jazz spirit, Gareth Sager, who contributes fuzz clarinet and piano. Former Josef K and Postcard alumni, Malcolm Ross, guests on guitar.

Davy Henderson has just re-united the original Fire Engines for a one-off recent support to the Magic Band in Edinburgh.


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