MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Select-A-B-Side

MJ Hibbett & The Validators are asking fans to choose a song to record for their next EP.

Visitors to their ‘Select-A-B-Side’ website (www.mjhibbett.net/vote) will discover rough versions of four songs to download. The song which wins the fan vote will be re-recorded by the Validators and released on this summer’s new single. Twenty people, chosen at random from amongst the voters, will also receive extremely rare cassettes and CDs from MJ Hibbett’s back catalogue to say thank you for taking the time to choose.

The ‘Select-A-B-Side’ winning song will appear on a double A-side single, featuring the Radio hit ‘Things’ll Be Different (when I’m in charge)’ and the Euro 2004 anthem ‘The Fair Play Trophy (again)’. It’s the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘This Is Not A Library’, which Rolling Stone called ‘2003’s best State of the Nation album’. Everett True, in Careless Talk Costs Lives, called it ‘Literate, sassy human pop music’ whilst Logo Magazine, said ‘this is in a field all its own. Like it? Love it!’. Steve Lamacq loved the album so much he played a track a day on his Radio 6 show for a fortnight, twice invited MJ in for live sessions, and on his New Year’s Day show he tipped the new EP for international success!

The ‘Select-A-B-Side’ songs were all recorded long before this success. MJ taped them in his attic almost ten years ago, before The Validators were
formed and when his music was only available on cassettes sold at concerts.  To choose these four songs (from well over 100 recorded!) MJ asked friends who’d received the original tapes to choose their favourites, and it’s their choices which have made up the shortlist. It’s the current fans, however, who will pick the one to be remade – voting is open now, and closes on February 13th. The Validators are getting together on February 15th to
learn this ‘new’ song, and anxiously await the fans’ decision!

The ‘Select-A-B-Side’ website is online at www.mjhibbett.net/vote.


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