A Sample of the odd mails I get…

Greetings worthless vermin. You are privileged to bear witness to a monumental event. On the 8th of February set foot upon the dusty road and make for London. Once in London head for the land of Kentish Town. Seek out a tavern known only as the Bull & Gate. Push your way through the thronged crowd, and there, at the back of the building, you will discover a marvellous and beguiling spectacle. Upon sighting this extraordinary phenomenon you will undoubtedly be struck by a quazi-religious fervour, and your lips will involuntarily mouth the words, “Behold! The Lovely Brothers”.

We are the Lovely Brothers.

You are our humble fans.

Some of you may have heard of us.

Some of you may not have.

Come to our gig anyway.

    8th Feb. The Bull & Gate.

    Kentish Town, London.
    8:30 £4/£5
    Also appearing are:
    and INVOCAL

Love thy inanity,

Brother Bemps.



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