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If you are undecided or need a reminder, the original reviews I did of all three are here… The White Stripes – Elephant

If you’ve been too engrossed by the war to see the charts, read the music press or walk past a record shop recently then you might be unaware that the White Stripes have released a new album. You may also have missed the articles detailing their use of vintage recording techniques or the short amount of recording time they gave themselves. You may even have missed them storming in at number one in the UK charts. If this is true then you should definitely do two things – 1) Stop watching so much news and 2) buy ‘Elephant’.

In harking back to recording methods of yesteryear a patina of old enriches the whole album. The raw, rich and bluesy guitars that scream and croon, while Jack does the same, create an electric mood. It is simply an amazing creation that doesn’t so much pay homage to the past, but starts again where they left off. It’s a triumph of talent over technology, and only goes to show how hollow and empty most new rock albums are. There are no standout tracks on the album because they are all songs that most rock bands doing the rounds right now would kill for. If you think I a laying it on a bit thick then you should buy it and argue with me then. And if this isn’t topping all then end of year polls come Christmas then I’ll jack in this reviewing lark because it will mean I know nothing.

The only track not penned by Jack White features excellent vocals from Meg and is a Bacarach & David number, ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’. Starting the album off is the next single, ‘Seven Nation Army’, which will be released soon.

Label : XL Recordings

Website : www.xlrecordings.com www.whitestripes.com


  • Seven Nation Army
  • Black Math
  • There’s No Home For You Here
  • I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
  • In The Cold, Cold Night
  • I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart
  • You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket
  • Ball And Biscuit
  • The Hardest Button To Button
  • Little Acorns
  • Hyptnotize
  • The Air Near My Fingers
  • Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
  • Well It’s True That We Love One Another

Stellastarr* – Stellastarr*The latest great sound to come from New York is being made my Stellastarr*, everyone says so – and they are all completely and utterly right. Stellastarr*s blend of originality combined with classic new wave sounds, along with echoes of the Pixies, the Cure and early Blondie give them a bright, fresh style that is seemingly timesless. This eponymous debut comes with some blinding euphoric art rock in the shape of the effortlessly catchy ‘My Coco’ and the divine ‘Somewhere Across Forever’ and, of course, the recent hit single ‘Jenny’. We shouldnt forget the slow burners like ‘In The Walls’ and ‘Moongirl’ which pleasantly insinuate themselves on your consciousness before you know it becoming firm favourites in their own right. And all this from a band barely three years old! ‘Stellastarr*’ is simply an amazing debut.

Label : 20 20 Recordings (UK) TISWAS (USA)

Website : www.stellastarr.com


  • In The Walls
  • Jenny
  • A Million Reasons
  • My Coco
  • No Weather
  • Moongirl
  • Somewhere Across Forever
  • Homeland
  • Untitled
  • Pulp Song

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To TellThe highly anticipated debut album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs turns out to have been worth the hype. The 12 tracks included on ‘Fever To Tell’ have the charm of New Wave, the spirit of punk and a rock zeal. Karen O is alternately seductive, spleen venting and desolate whilst retaining a playful and off kilter bearing. There is an ever present energy and power in these songs that is contagious.

From the opening keyboards and rich guitar work of ‘Rich’, through to the screaming pop of ‘Date With The Night’, the gutter mouth vocals of ‘Black Tongue’, the teasing ‘Cold Night, to the beautiful and tension filled ‘Maps’ this is full of potential (and an actual) singles. It has been said in other reviews that this is an excellent album, for a debut. For me, that sentence is 3 words too long – This is an excellent album.

Label : Dress Up/Polydor

Website : www.yeahyeahyeahs.com


  • Rich
  • Date With The Night
  • Man
  • Tick
  • Black Tongue
  • Pin
  • Cold Night
  • No No No
  • Maps
  • Y Control
  • Modern Romance
  • Yeah! New York
  • Date With The Night (Video)

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