Lambchop release 2 albums on February 9th 2004

The unusual presentation of the records originates from the hugely productive recording sessions that LAMBCHOP undertook in 2003. The band were invited to perform a live soundtrack in San Francisco to F.W.Murnau’s classic film Sunrise in the spring of 2003, and this enabled front man Kurt Wagner to select a total of thirty six songs from a “buttload” of music accumulated between the summer of 2002 and the spring of 2003, during some of which time he had attempted to write one song a day.

Although Wagner chose not to release all of the recordings, twenty four have been selected, and these make up the content of the two records. It was important to LAMBCHOP, however, that these were not released as a double album, and the concept of the simultaneous release was born, the idea being that each record can be listened to as a single entity. Naturally both are intertwined, but it is not necessary to experience them as a double album to do them justice. The albums are a significant step away from the intimate approach of their previous album Is A Woman, and instead recall the string-drenched sounds of their classic Nixon album. Indeed, Lloyd Barry, who was responsible for the string arrangements on Nixon, picks up the reins again here. However, whereas Paul Niehaus’ pedal steel was the focus for Nixon, and Tony Crow’s piano the anchor for Is A Woman, AW C’MON and NO YOU C’MON are centred around ‘young’ William Tyler’s guitar.

As Kurt comments, “William has unwittingly contributed both his youthful dynamics and energy to these particular selections of material. I have also marveled at his sense of melody and playfulness when it comes to his interpreting the songs.” The albums are also unusual in that they feature a number of instrumentals, including the first track on AW C’MON which is named Being Tyler in his honour.

LAMBCHOP are currently lining up a UK tour for the spring. More details will follow.


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